Free Welsh Flag Colouring Page

Welsh Flag Colouring | Flag of Wales | Wales flag coloring

Are you looking to teach children about the rich culture and history of Wales? Start by downloading this wonderful Welsh Flag Colouring page which will serve as the entry point of discussion about Wales. The lovely flag printable features a dragon with a plain background which children will colour in green and white.

This handy Welsh Flag Colouring page is perfect for children to colour in and learn more about the proud heritage and rich culture of Wales. The flag of Wales is known as the “Red Dragon” or “Y Ddraig Goch” in Welsh.

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Welsh Flag Colouring Page:

Download this simple yet handy printable to bring fun and colour to your geography lesson.

To dwonload simply click on the Image and download the PDF file.

Welsh Flag Colouring | Flag of Wales

Common Quiz Questions about Wales for kids:

Where is Wales located?

Wales is beautiful country that is located to the west of the England. Together with Scotland, England and Northern Ireland make the United Kingdom. Wales has some picturesque mountains and astonishing beaches.

What is the capital of Wales?

The capital of Wales is Cardiff. Cardiff has some wonderful greenspaces along of rich historical places like Cardiff castle and much more. Tourists from around the globe flock to Cardiff to immerse themselves in the authentic richness of Welsh culture, savouring a true taste of this vibrant and welcoming city.

Which language is spoken in Wales?

The official languages of Wales are Welsh, or “Cymraeg” and English.

What is Wales famous for?

Wales is famous for its rich culture, astonishing mountains like Snowdonia and breath-taking coastlines.