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Printable Days of the Week – Free

free days of the week pack

Are you looking for resources to teach your kids the Days of the week in an easy-peasy way? Use our amazing Printable Days of the Week pack which is full of fun and engaging activities! Our handy pack is a mixture of such incredible activities that make learning even more exciting! 

Teach your children the days of the week in a fun and educational way by using our super amazing worksheets that will make learning delightful. It’s a basic but crucial concept that sets the stage for understanding time and everyone wants to inculcate to their kids in a smooth way. But guess what? We’ve got some awesome printable resources that make learning the days of the week a breeze!

Printable Days of the Week:

Teaching days of the week does not have to be boring. Here, we have designed the vibrant free Ramadan activity pack that includes 7 worksheets– consisting of fun colouring pages, cool cutting and pasting activities,  tracing, word scramble, and much more.

Ordering Days of the week:

Let’s make learning the days of the week fun by doing interesting colouring, cutting and pasting activities. It will not only help children to memorise the days of the week but also enhance their fine-motor skills. The children have to but the days of the week and stick them in order.

cut and paste days of week | days of week printable | Days of the week activity

Write the day that comes next?:

Is remembering the sequence of days challenging for your kid? This train themed activity will help reinforce their learning while having plenty of fun. Print now and start practicing days of the week.

days of the week worksheet free

Word Scramble Days of the week:

Words scramble is a playful twist in the journey of learning days of the week. It’s super fun for kids to unscramble the letters to reveal the days of week. It encourages critical- thinking and problem solving skills of the kids.

Word Scramble Days of the week

Cut and Stick Days of the Week: 

In this lovely printable the children need to cut the day of the week and stick it to its place. This will help children identify the words and build their word recognition.

Printable Days of the Week

Word Search:

Have you ever gone on the quest to find the uncover treasure? Well, word puzzles are alike! This printable Days of the week word search will take you to the quest of finding hidden words like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. Just imagine the thrill of finding each word, hidden in the grid, grab your magnifying glass and get started.

Word Search Days of the week

Colour by Code Days of the week:

Colour by coding is  a wonderful way of reinforcement. It would help not only in inculcating the days of the week but also help the kid committing colours to memory. Kids will love engaging in this interactive activity in which they will decode the days of the week and colour each one according to a special code. 

Colour by code Days of the week

Trace, cut and paste days of the week: 

Colouring, tracing, cutting and pasting will not only engage the kids in learning but also improve the fine- motor skills, eye-hand coordination and pre-writing skills, with  remarkable hands-on adventure. 

tracing days of the week

Days of the week Flashcards:

Print these wonderful flashcards in some amazing themes like princess themes, superhero themed, emoji themed and many more. Your children will surely love them and they will keep them hooked.

Days of the week Poster:

A beautiful days of the week poster that will bring plenty of colours to the school décor. Download now and start learning days of the week

printable Days of the week poster

How will these free printable days of the week sheets help my Child?

This days of the week pack will help your child to groom in multiple ways, some of them are given below:

  • Fine-motor skills: Engaging in cutting and pasting will strengthen their muscles and help in finishing the fine-motor skills.
  • Eye- Hands coordination: tracing and colouring will enhance their eye-hand coordination.
  • Problem solving skills: word search and scrambling will help you kid to improve their problem solving skills. and providing a strong foundation for learning and problem-solving
  • Sequencing skills: Sequencing skills involve organising items, like cannonballs in this activity, in the correct order. Understanding patterns and  following directions is crucial for learning this skill
  • Creativity: all the activities included in the pack will foster your kid’s creativity to the next level.