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10 Best Eleven Plus Resources and Books for Kids

best 11 plus resources and books

Are you looking to prepare your children for 11 plus? The 11+ exam is a significant milestone for children, as it can determine their entry into some of the most prestigious schools. To help your child succeed in this crucial exam, it’s essential to provide them with the right resources and study materials. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Eleven plus resources and books for kids, covering a wide range of subjects and skills necessary for acing the exam.

10 Best Eleven Plus Resources and Books for Kids:

Whether your child is preparing for the CSSE (The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex) exam board or the GL (Granada Learning) exam board, these resources and books will be super helpful. 

1. Farquhar’s Vocabulary Flash Cards:

best Eleven plus resources and books

A strong vocabulary is essential for excelling in the verbal reasoning portion of the 11+ exam. Farquhar’s Vocabulary Flash Cards provide a fun and interactive way for children to enhance their word power. These flashcards contain challenging words along with their meanings, making it easier for kids to expand their vocabulary.

2. Non-Verbal Reasoning 3D Aid – 11 plus Magnetic Cube Net:


Eleven plus resources

Struggling with cube net questions? Look no further – here’s your ultimate learning tool! Non-verbal reasoning can be a challenging subject, but the Magnetic Cube Net makes it more accessible and engaging. It helps children visualize and understand abstract concepts, improving their problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

3. Peter Robson Maths for Practice and Revision: Book 1 and Book 2:

Mathematics is a core component of the 11+ exam. Peter Robson’s Maths for Practice and Revision Book 1 offers comprehensive exercises and practice problems that cover essential math topics. It’s an excellent resource for strengthening your child’s math skills.

4, Schofield and Sims Mental Arithmetic Book 5:

eleven plus resources for kids

Mental arithmetic is a vital skill for the 11+ exam. This b ook, designed for 9-10-year-olds, contains progressively challenging exercises that help kids enhance their mental math abilities, building speed and accuracy.

5. Descriptosaurus: Supporting Creative Writing:

Creative writing is another critical aspect of the 11+ exam. ‘Descriptosaurus’ provides children with a wide range of vocabulary and descriptive language to elevate their writing skills. It encourages creativity and imagination, which are essential for the creative writing portion of the test.

6. Rapid Tests Pack by Schofield and Sims:

Pack includes various practice tests in English, mathematics, and reasoning. These tests simulate the 11+ exam conditions, helping students become familiar with the format and time constraints.

7. The Illustrated First Aid in English:

Grammar and language skills are extensively tested in the 11+ exam. ‘The Illustrated First Aid in English’ breaks down grammar rules and usage in a clear and visually appealing manner, making it an excellent aid for improving language proficiency.

8. : Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary Ages 7–11 (Key Stage 2) 

The “Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary Ages 7–11 (Key Stage 2)” is not your ordinary dictionary; it’s a passport to crafting extraordinary stories.  It contributes to the 11 Plus journey by enriching vocabulary, enhancing creative writing skills, improving comprehension, aiding memory through visuals, and fostering effective communication skills.

9. First Past the Post 11+ Essentials Mathematics: Worded Problems:

11 Plus Resources and Books for Kids

Worded problems are a staple of the 11+ math exam. This resource offers a wide range of worded math problems, helping students master this important skill. Detailed explanations for each problem aid in understanding and application.

10. First Past the Post 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning Practice Papers:

11 Plus Resources and Books for Kids

Practice papers are invaluable in the lead-up to the 11+ exam. This book offers a collection of non-verbal reasoning practice papers, allowing students to refine their skills and improve their performance on the day of the test.


Preparing for the 11+ exam demands dedication and access to the right resources. The 10 best 11 plus resources and books for kids listed here cover various subjects and skills necessary for success. By incorporating these resources into your child’s study routine, you can help them build the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in the 11+ exam and secure a place in their desired school. These resources are the keys to unlocking their full potential and achieving their academic goals.