Free Printable Ramadan Journal for Kids – Ramadan Activities

Free Ramadan Worksheets

Ramadan is nearly here, so we have prepared a Ramadan Journal for Kids that consists of great activities for your little one. It will keep them busy while gaining important knowledge about the true essence of Islam. Download now and start working through this lovely pack.

Our Ramadan Journal promises to be delightful for young ones, offering them fun and learning as they navigate through the pages. Giving their minds puzzles to reinforce the significance of Islamic teachings, this journal aims to instil a sense of joy and spirituality, enabling children to embrace the essence of Ramadan wholeheartedly. 

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Free Printable Ramadan Journal for Kids

Our wonderful Ramadan Journal for Kids has some amazing activities such as dot-to-dot, word searches, colouring, colour by code, crosswords and much more. It will provide a nice challenge for children and help them make the most out of this special and holy month. 

To download simple click the image and download the PDF file.

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Ramadan Unscramble words | Ramadan Activities for kids Ramadan Word Search | Ramadan Journal for kids

Ramadan Taraweeh Challenge | Ramadan activities for kids Ramadan spot the difference | Ramadan Journal for Kids

These lovely worksheets will also serve as great discussion starter for the month of Ramadan. Children will love to colour and do these lovely activities which can later by display on the classroom wall or they can take home which can serve as keepsake.

Make the most of this Ramadan by keeping this journal. You can download the full journal by clicking here. Let your children embark on a meaningful and spiritual journey this Ramadan.

Why Keep a Ramadan Journal?
  • Helps kids understand the significance of Ramadan.
  • Encourages self-reflection and mindfulness.
  • Fosters creativity and self-expression.
  • Creates a keepsake to cherish and reflect upon in the future.

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