30 Day Kids Ramadan Challenge – Free printable

Ramadan challenge for kids | Ramadan Activity

Ramadan is fast approaching and we have put together a fantastic 30 day kids Ramadan challenge printable to help them make the most out of this holy month. Download the free printable now and join the fun.

We all know that Ramadan is not only about fasting but is about strengthening your inner faith and these challenges will allow your children to understand what Ramadan is about. Your children will learn all about Ramadan, whilst earning lots of good deeds and they will also have tons of fun while doing so.

With this 30 Day kids Ramadan challenge, your child will experience all the fun and importance of Ramadan. From learning duas to giving Sadaqah and learning about Prophets, your child will understand the true significance of Ramadan.

30 Day Kids Ramadan Challenge – Free printable

Download the free printable by clicking on the link below and save the PDF file.

Kids ramadan Challenge | Ramadan Challenge | Ramadan fun activity

This challenge includes:

  1. Learn the dua to begin the fast.
  2. Wake up for Tahujjud prayer.
  3. Pray at the mosque.
  4. Recite surah Fatiha and memorize its meaning.
  5. Help your parents to prepare suhoor.
  6. Learn the dua to open the fast.
  7. Make a dua for your parents and family.
  8. Send some iftar to your neighbours.
  9. Set the iftar table for your family.
  10. Watch Islamic cartoons.
  11. Give Sadaqah to poor people.
  12. Bring a smile to someone. Tell them a joke or story.
  13. Feed an animal or water a plant.
  14. Read a book about the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).
  15. Write three things you are grateful for.
  16. Help homeless people by giving them food.
  17. Read Surah Kosar and memorize its meaning.
  18. Recite the Quran for 10 minutes.
  19. Invite someone for iftar.
  20. Recite Zikr 50 times.
  21. Read about Prophet Muhammad’s life.
  22. Donate to a charity.
  23. Teach your friends something new about Ramadan.
  24. Help with house chores.
  25. Learn the story of Prophet Ibrahim.
  26. Donate books or clothes to needy people.
  27. Do as many duas and prayers as you can for Laylatul Qadr.
  28. Pray Taraweeh.
  29. Look for the crescent moon.
  30. Decorate your house for Eid.

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