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30-Day Art/DT Challenge for kids – Activities + Free Printable

The world is facing the biggest pandemic of all times. The schools are shut and millions of children are stuck at home. Worry not! We have made a list of fun and engaging 30-day activities/challenge for kids that will keep children busy.

We have made sure that all the activities given are easy to set up, require minimal supplies and children can do themselves. If your child comes and says “I am bored!” you are all covered just hand over this printable and ask them to finish the challenge by the end of this month.

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30-Day Art/DT Challenge for kids:

Click on the images below to download the PDF file.

Day 1: Design and make your own boat that will float on water.

Day 2: Draw a butterfly with exotic colours.

Day 3: Make your own puppet using a sock.

Day 4: Design the best parachute to protect a boiled egg.

Day 5: Make your own kite.

Day 6: Make a planet using paper Mache.

Day 7:  Design a face mask for yourself.

Day 8: Make your own rocket using empty paper rolls.

Day 9: Use marshmallows and toothpicks to build your own 3D shape.

Day 10: Draw your family picture on a poster.

Day 11: Write your name with play dough.

Day 12: Build something you would find in the polar regions using things you can find in your home.

Day 13:Draw your own superhero with special powers.

Day 14: Use building blocks or Lego to build a sculpture.

Day 15: Make a squishy with a balloon and toothpaste.

Day 16: Make a den in your house using fabric, cushions and other furniture.

Day 17: Make your own monster bookmark.

Day 18: Design your own Easter egg. You can do this on paper or paint a real egg.

Day 19: Collect some nature things from outside and draw these in your book.

Day 20: Make a spider with pipe cleaners.

Day 21: Write a hilarious poem using bubble writing.

Day 22: Draw a picture of yourself and then label all the body parts of the body.

Day 23: Make your own glittery slime.

Day 24: Draw an illustration for your own story.

Day 25: Collect photos of your family and make a family tree.

Day 26: Paint rocks and turn them into animals

Day 27:  Make your own board game.

Day 28: Create a poster showing healthy and unhealthy food.

Day 29: Make your own paper plate nest.

Day 30: Make a castle using an empty cereal box.

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  • Hello im loving this site. its got loads of things I can do with my 7 and 8 year old.. printed loads out. hard at this moment in time with the situation we have all been put in. I want to make home schooling easy and fun as can be. but its not so eaay with my 12 year old… would love a easy sister site like this to help me to find work sheets if any body knows plase.

    • Hi Faye,
      Thanks so much for your amazing review. I am very pleased that you are finding our sheets helpful.