15 Fun outdoor games for kids to play this summer

Do your kids love playing outside? Summer is upon us, and you are probably excited to get outside with your children. We have made a list of 15 fun outdoor games for children to play outside this summer.

Listed below are some amazing outdoor activities for kids, they will surely love. Play them in your backyard, in a park or on the beach and make tons of fun. Some of these games are old classic games and some are given a twist to make them more interesting for your child.

Here are 10 fun outdoor games for kids to play this summer:

  1. Three-legged Races

Relish the sunshine and play something as a family while teaching children teamwork and problem-solving. Try the classic three-legged games using an old stocking tied on one child leg and one adult or parent leg. They need to run the finish line as fast as they can.

Why not try this fun game in different variations. Try to go blindfolded, make an obstacle course to add extra challenge or run this game backwards.

Outdoor games for kids

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  1. Sack race

Sack race has been the most favourite all-time classic game that has been around forever. Get children into the sacks or pillow covers, they must jump to the finish line.

Try adding water sprinkler as an obstacle course to make the game more interesting and fun for children.

Outdoor games for kids

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  1. Surprise egg and spoon race.

Get children into the racing spirit with this super fun balancing game. Your kids will surely love our new egg and spoon race with a twist. Instead of normal egg try using surprise egg and watch the excitement and happiness on children face when they crack open their surprise eggs.

Outdoor games for kids

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  1. Water Balloon Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a very classic game where two teams try to hit their opponents with the ball without being hit themselves. Water balloon dodgeball is a game with a twist, you are going to use water balloons instead of a traditional dodgeball.

  1. Egg tossing

Egg tossing is a traditional game that you might have played at some point in your life. Let child find a partner, and give each pair an egg. The game begins with both teams standing at equal distance. One person tosses the egg to their teammate. As the game proceeds the children move one step back at each successful catch until the egg fall down and break. The team who is left with egg won.

For young children who are not good at catching or throwing try using surprise eggs or even water balloons.

  1. Water slide

This a fabulous game for loads of fun on a hot sunny day. Lay a sheet of polythene on a slope in your backyard. Put dishwashing liquid and turn the hose on from the top side. Watch the kids slide and have hours of fun.

  1. Tug of War

Another idea for a big group, you can encourage teams to work together by having a good old-fashioned tug of war.

  1. What’s The Time, Mr Wolf?

A superb game in which you take smaller steps towards the wolf, your children are sure to love running around the garden as the wolf chases them.

  1. Sardines

In this twist of hide-and-seek, only one person hides. Everyone who finds them must join them in their hiding spot until there is only one person left.

  1. Jump-Rope.

Skipping and jumping the rope is much more than a game. It’s wonderful exercise and improves kids coordination. There are many variation and game children can play.

Our top favourite for a sunny day is Jump rope water splash. Each child is given a plastic cup full of water. One at a time the children jump into the spinning jump rope, trying not to spill any of their water. The child who has most water left won the game.

For older children, add challenge and try using Double Dutch. Two turners swing the ropes in opposite directions, while a jumper tries to hop in between them. Jump rope games are no doubt the most awesome outdoor games for kids.

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  1. Kick The Can

Kick The Can is a classic game you may have played as a child, and you can pass this game of hiding, guarding and kicking the can onto your children. In this game, one child guards the can while others try to kick the can over before being tagged.

  1. Freeze Tag / Disney Tag

Freeze Tag is a variation of the game called “It Tag”. In this game, if a person who is “it” tags you, then you have to freeze(not move) and stay frozen until another player untags you.

Another fun variation of this game for younger kids is Disney tag when a person who is about to get tagged can call out a name of Disney character to prevent being frozen.

  1. Rounders

Rounders is a fast-moving bat-and-ball game that promotes teamwork. All you need is a tennis ball, a bat and five items to mark five bases.

Players score points by running around the five bases.

  1. Boules

If you are looking for something a little less crazy, consider a game of boules. In boules, you are throwing the larger balls at the smaller target ball. This game is Ideal for helping children to develop their hand-eye coordination and social skills

  1. KickBall Croquet

You can also play a game of croquet, which is when you attempt to hit coloured balls through hoops using a mallet. You can play this classic game using some old pool noodles and make your own kickball croquet obstacle course for tons of fun for kids.

There is nothing like getting outside to enjoy the warm weather, and your family is sure to enjoy these fun outdoor games for kids in the summer. Comment below and let us know which are your favourite outdoor games for kids.

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  • All the activities which you have shared are truly amazing. I am pretty sure kids will really enjoy them while playing. Games which involve physical activities is necessary for all kids in their overall growth. Saved all your games to enjoy with my kids in our backyard. Thanks for such great ideas.