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Multiplication – Times Table for ages 7 to 11

Are you looking for a fun way to teach and practice multiplication? Are your students finding it hard to learn their times table facts? Worry not! Our superb book gives students the opportunity to move things around. The fun activities will help students develop fact fluency and prepare them to excel in any math test.

This booklet will also provide great help for kids who will be attempting times table formally tested in the summer term of Year 4 in 2020. In the test, children will be expected to know all their times table facts up to 12 x 12 and will have to answer the question against the clock that’s where the speed test will help present in the book.

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Product Description:

Learning timetable is very important. When you know your time tables you can almost do everything in math. Also, the new national curriculum requires children to learn the time table up to 12 x 12 by heart.

Our multiplication booklets can be used to help students understand the concept of multiplication, as well as memorize multiplication facts with intense practice and hand-on activities. Teaching students these times table strategies will be a tremendous help to students as they work on math fluency and automaticity.

How it will help my child?

Students learn faster and retain more knowledge when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. For this reason, math colouring sheets and games make a great addition to any classroom or home. Full of fun activities, our book will boost children knowledge and help them gain confidence when it comes to maths.

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What’s included in the times table book:

There are above 42 pages that include time table facts from 2 to 12. The book has over 200 questions with plenty of word problems.

There are 3 pages of each times table with 6 different activities that include problem-solving, colouring and other fun practice sheets. After 6 pages there is a timetable speed test to check child progress.

Times Table


Our fun, engaging, and hands-on activities will surely help keep your kiddos engaged!

The activities included are:

  1. Word problems
  2. Match the following
  3. Fill in the missing numbers
  4. Write correct symbol
  5. Colour by multiplication
  6. Time tables number bonds
  7. Multiplication wheel
  8. Count and colour the squares
  9. Number bonds
  10. Time tests
  11. Multiplication as repeated addition
  12. Multiplication squares
  13. Fill in the blocks
  14. Multiplication triangles

The booklets can be used as morning work, extra activities for early finishers, or even homework.

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Times Table


Download three pages Free sample by clicking on the image below:

Times Table

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