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Free Compound Words List and Worksheets

Free compound words list and worksheets

Embark with us on your compound word adventure today, armed with the power of compound words list and compound word worksheets. We have proudly created some amazing worksheets that will sure to amuse your little one while teaching and reinforcing the concepts of compound words.

Learning compound words provide a great opportunity for learning about word formation and vocabulary building in a playful way. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or language enthusiast, join us on this journey as we unveil the secrets of compound words through engaging worksheets that make learning a joyous adventure.

What compound words are?

Compound words are word that are formed when two or more words join forces to create a single word with a distinct meaning. Take “butterfly” for example – when you join butter and fly together it makes a butterfly which is a graceful creature adorned with delicate wings, fluttering through gardens and captivating our imaginations.

Examples of compound words:

Here are some examples:

  1. Butterfly
  2. Cupcake
  3. Rainbow
  4. Sunshine
  5. Moonlight
  6. Dragonfly
  7. Playground
  8. Pancake
  9. Doghouse
  10. Bedroom
  11. Toothbrush
  12. Lighthouse
  13. Baseball
  14. Watermelon
  15. Jellyfish
  16. Popcorn
  17. Firefly
  18. Basketball
  19. Sandbox
  20. Cowboy

Compound Words List:

Our wonderful compound word list Mat serves as a valuable resource for learners of all levels. It provides an extensive list of compound words. Print it and stick in your children’s book as a quick reminder.

Compound words List

Join words to make compound word:

Let children pick one letter from word list 1 and second letter from word list 2 and join them to make a compound word. For instance, pair “gold” with “fish” to create “goldfish” or “tooth” with “paste” to form “toothpaste.”

Compound words List | Compound words worksheets

Compound words Unscramble:

Add a twist of excitement with word scramble puzzles. Rearrange jumbled letters to unveil hidden compound words, providing hints or illustrations for extra guidance.

Compound words Unscramble

Seek, Find and write compound words:

This fun worksheet is designed to engage kids in a thrilling compound word scavenger hunt! Students will embark on an exciting journey as they search for compound words and write them in the compound word list.

Compound words worksheets

Cut and stick Compound word worksheet:

Compound words Worksheets

Circle the compound words:

Compound words List and worksheet

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