Kindergarten Reception Year 1

Free Rhyming Words Worksheets

Are you looking to teach your child rhyming words? Worry not! We have crafted great Rhyming Words Worksheets to teach your child about this amazing concept. Our sheets have interactive and, no doubt, fun, themes that are sure to keep your child engaged. 

These amazing sheet will educate your child about all sorts of things in this topic of rhyme, from making rhyming words to colouring pictures that rhyme. It even teaches CVC words! Start your learning journey with our beautifully illustrated worksheets that will surely keep your children engaged while having plenty of fun.

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How rhyming words worksheets help my child?

Did you know that rhyming is very useful? As well as being the core of poems, it also helps in the development of your child’s phonics; and it’s also just plain fun. These sheets also teach what rhymes are; two or more words that have the same sound. Many rhyming words end with the same letter, but this sometimes is not the case for all words that rhyme with each other.

Rhyming Words list:

Some of the rhyming words that you can teach your children are:

  1. Cat rhymes with Hat, Mat and Bat.
  2. Can rhymes with Fan and Pan.
  3. Hop rhymes with Top and Pop.
  4. Bug rhymes with Rug.
  5. Cake rhymes with Lake, Bake and Rake.

Rhyming Words Worksheets:

Rhyming words are essential to your child’s learning. They can help their phonics improve greatly. These worksheets can teach the basics of rhyming. They also give you many examples of rhyming word. like. cat, mat, hat. The rest are mentioned above.

To download simply click on the image and download the pdf file.

Rhyming Words Worksheets Rhyming Words Worksheets
CVC Words worksheet Rhyming Words | Phonics
Rhyming Words Worksheets

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Find and Match Rhyming words

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Phonics for Kindergarten

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Rhyming Words Worksheets | Phonics

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