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Free Addition Worksheets Year 1

Addition worksheets

Looking to teach addition to your Year 1 children? We have made fantastic free addition worksheets to teach addition. There are 6 different worksheets with increasing difficulty. Download now!

Our fun and educational worksheets feature addition to 5, addition to 10, addition to 15, addition to 20, addition to 50 and addition to 100. The resource makes it easier for teachers and parents. The sheets have plenty of fun activities including addition on a number line, counting pictures, addition using dice, counting and colouring, and many other activities to improve the addition skills. All the activities are linked to the national curriculum “Add and subtract”.

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Free Addition Worksheets:

To download the worksheet click on the image and save the PDF file.

Addition to 5:

This worksheet is perfect for teaching addition for the first time. Children have to count the pictures and write the answer.

Addition Worksheets Reception

Addition to 10:

The worksheets feature two activities including addition using tens frame and addition using fingers.

Addition Worksheets Year 1

Addition to 15:

This fun worksheet is a great way to help children build skills. The pictorial activities will make it easier for children to solve it.

Addition to 15

Addition to 20:

Addition to 20 printable brings two different tasks for children. The first task is counting on the dominos to find the answer. The second task is fluency based task where children have to count on the number line to find the answer.

Addition to 20

Addition to 50:

As children move up the ladder the tasks get more challenging. In this sheet, children have to count the base 10 blocks to form their number. Also, children need to count the coins to find the answer.

Addition to 50

Addition to 100:

The last worksheet covers addition to 100. The two tasks involve solving the calculations and matching them with the correct answer, and finally some word problems.

Addition to 100

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