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KS1 Mastering Multiplication Workbook – Ages 5-7 – Year 1 & Year 2

mastering multiplication

Do your student or children struggle with the basic multiplication? Are you looking for ways to teach children multiplication in fun and engaging ways? Do you wish to ensure that every child is appropriately challenged? Our Superb KS1 mastering multiplication book will help children make a real understanding of multiplication while focusing on quick recall and mastering every fact. 

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Multiplication is one of the most important skills in math. Once children master multiplication all other concepts become so much easier. Our multiplication book is jam-packed with lovely worksheets that will equip the children with strategies like repeated addition, arrays, number line and equal groups that will master them in multiplication. All our worksheets are designed to keep children engaged and leaning with beautiful illustration and full-filled activities.

What’s included in the KS1 Mastering Multiplication Book?

Our KS1 Mastering multiplication book aims to master children in their multiplication facts. Each worksheet is carefully designed, with beautiful pictures and fun layout to make it attractive for children.

The book contains above 33 pages that cover 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x times tables.  has over 150 questions with plenty of word problems, task cards, true and false questions and colouring sheets.

Our book contains fun-filled learning experience with hands-on activities that will surely keep your children engaged!

The activities included are:

  1. Word problem
  2. Multiplication as repeated addition
  3. Multiplication Bonds
  4. Draw Arrays
  5. Spin and multiply
  6. Snakes and Ladders
  7. multiplication on a number line.
  8. Time Tests
  9. True or False
  10. Fluency task cards
  11. Multiplication maze
  12. Colour the array
  13. Multiplication Wheel
  14. Skip counting
  15. Match the picture
  16. Multiplication Quiz

The worksheets are perfect for morning work, multiplication station, fluency table, homework and review.


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