Summer Reading Bingo – Free Printable

Reading over the summer is immensely important. Have you heard about the summer slide? Read this research by Oxford that shows that kids will lose two months of reading skills during the summer holidays. We know that’s a lot but the good news is that summer slide is preventable with our amazing Summer Reading Bingo.

Our Summer Reading Bingo will encourage students or your children to read every day. They will love finding different places to read and hopefully, grow to love books even more!

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It’s packed of fun activities to keep kids start reading. At the end of the summer holidays when children will bring the finished challenge sheet you can award them with our fun Summer Achievement Certificate.

Summer Reading Bingo

The goal for your child or student is to finish the full sheet. As a parent, you can make it more fun by giving your children a reward each time they finish one task. The rewards can be extra screen time, a candy or playtime with their sibling.

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Download your free printable by clicking the image below.

Summer Reading Bingo

Download the American English Version here

The 30 days summer reading bingo includes:

  1. Read to your sibling
  2. Read in bed
  3. Read under a tree
  4. Read in your pyjamas
  5. Read a newspaper
  6. Read a poem
  7. Read in a tent
  8. Read in a garden
  9. Read a non-fiction book
  10. Read a biography
  11. Read a book of your favourite author
  12. Read a scary story
  13. Read by flashlight
  14. Read by a pool
  15. Read a joke book
  16. Read a kid’s magazine
  17. Read in your car
  18. Read in a blanket
  19. Read by a seaside
  20. Read an eBook
  21. Read a book in the library
  22. Read for 30 minutes
  23. Read about nature
  24. Read under the stars
  25. Read with a friend
  26. Read with a grown up
  27. Read a cookbook
  28. Read in a playhouse
  29. Read to a pet
  30. Read a mystery

Certificate of achievement:

The certificate below is designed to reward students who has successfully completed the Summer Reading Bingo.

Summer Reading Bingo

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What is your child’s favourite reading place? Let us know in the comments section below.

Recommended books to read over the summer holidays:


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