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Free Preschool Easter Worksheets for Kids

Free Preschool Easter Worksheets for Kids

Easter is finally approaching and we have created some amazing Preschool Easter worksheets for kids that will keep them busy. These worksheet packs will help you teach them a range of maths and literacy activities while infusing the touch of Easter. Let’s hop into the fun!

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, we’ve got you covered in our fun and engaging worksheets and perfectly tailored for preschool kids. From coloring pages to counting exercises, these resources are sure to keep your little ones entertained while promoting early learning skills. 

Free Preschool Easter Worksheets for Kids:

Are you ready to join the easter fun with these lovely easter theme worksheets. These worksheets will help your little one learn phonics, shapes measurement, labelling the bunny and much more.

Each activity is carefully hand created to make them interesting and engaging for young schoolers. With colorful illustration and eye catching activities its sure to keep children busy and engaged for longer period of time.

To download simply click the image and download the PDF file.

Phonics: Beginning sounds:

Our colorful “Beginning Sounds Worksheet,”  will engage children and helps them build their phonics knowledge. The worksheets features familiar objects and animals where child has to say the name of the object that start with the beginning letter and then color the image.

Beginning sounds Preschool Easter worksheets

Telling Time to the Hour:

Practice telling time with our engaging Preschool Easter Worksheets! Children learn to read analogue clocks and identify the hour hand for each hour, reinforcing essential time-telling skills in a fun and interactive way.

Telling time Preschool Easter worksheets

Identifying Shapes:

Learn the shapes all around us with this fun cut and paste activity sheet! Children identify various real-world objects and paste them in the correct column. Kids will learn geometric shapes, fostering an understanding of shape recognition in everyday life.

Shapes worksheet | Preschool Easter worksheets

Phonics, Missing Vowel:

Boost phonics skills with this engaging easter phonics worksheet! Children fill in the missing vowel to complete each word, reinforcing vowel sound recognition and spelling proficiency in a playful way.

Preschool Easter worksheets | Phonics Missing vowel

Measuring Objects:

In this fun sheet children use a ten-block stick to measure the length of various objects, practicing basic measurement skills and understanding the concept of units.

Preschool Easter worksheets | Measurement worksheets

US Spelling PDF

Make the word:

Engage young learners with this fun worksheet! Children examine each picture and choose the corresponding letter that make the word, enhancing vocabulary and literacy skills through visual recognition and word association.

Make the word Easter printable

US Spelling PDF

Label the Bunny:

This fun worksheet will let children label the bunny’s body part. It will help children learn the body parts using this wonderful activity.

Label the bunny easter worksheets | Easter Printable

Comparing Numbers:

This is the perfect worksheet to practice comparing numbers. Kids will compare number and see which number is less than, greater than or equal to the other number.

Less than and more than worksheet

Commonly asked questions about Easter:
  1. When is easter?
    Easter is a special holiday when we celebrate Jesus coming back to life. We also have fun with egg hunts, Easter baskets, and spending time with family and friends!
  2. What easter means?
    Easter symbolizes Jesus’ resurrection, signifying renewal. It’s a time for reflection and joy with loved ones.

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