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Free Easter Writing Prompts for Kids

Easter Writing Prompts for Kids

Easter is approaching and we have put together egg-cellent Easter writing prompts that will help you understand and write about this amazing day. With the blooms all around its a perfect time to unleash your creativity and Embark on easter writing adventure with your friends. We have prepared the perfect prompts that will give your little one the perfect start. 

All these Easter Writing Prompts are created with much love. The prompts have lovely lovely illustration and good vocabulary to help build up your child confidence. So gather ’round, grab your favourite writing tools, and let’s hop into a world of Easter-inspired storytelling!

Free Easter Writing Prompts for Kids

These wonderful prompts contain several prompts to help boost your children’s creativity and allow them to dive deep into the vast ocean of imagination and exploration. The prompts include: “How To Catch The Easter Bunny”, “Easter Bunny Assistant Application”, “If I had a Pet Easter Bunny” and much more. 

Easter Bunny Assistant Application:

The Easter Bunny Assistant Application Worksheet is a fun and interactive resource designed to engage students and let them write about themself. This serves as a wonderful writing prompts.

Easter Writing Prompts

If I had a Pet Easter bunny:

This lovely writing prompt worksheet invites students to unleash their imagination and creativity by envisioning what it would be like if they had their own Easter Bunny. With lovely illustrations and thought-provoking prompts children will explore the possibilities of having a cute furry friend to assist with Easter preparations.

Easter Writing Prompts

Easter Bunny application:

This worksheet is perfect for inspiring young writers during the holiday season, it combines fun with learning in a festive context.

Easter bunny application | Easter picture Writing Prompts

How to catch the Easter bunny:

The “How to Catch the Easter Bunny” Writing Prompts Worksheet is an exciting resource designed to ignite creativity and storytelling in students. The children will write in step what will happen if they ever catch a bunny.

How to catch easter bunny Easter activities

My Easter Holiday Snapshots:

Fill this lovely easter holiday snapshot this year and then Reflect on a cherished Easter memory every now and then. This will be a perfect keepsake that can be kept for years to come.

Easter holiday snapshot | Easter Writing Prompts

All about my easter worksheet:

This lovely all about easter activity is an engaging worksheet that contains some thought-provoking questions that will help children in their writing.

All about My easter | Easter Activities | Easter Writing prompts


What makes me excellent:

This lovely sheet will let children think and write all the positive things that they think makes them the best student, family member and a friend.

Easter Writing Prompts

If I were Easter Bunny:

Our lovely If I were Easter Bunny poster can be a fun and creative way to celebrate Easter and decorate your home or classroom.

Easter activities for kids | If I were the Easter Bunny

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