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5 ways to teach Adjectives to kids in a fun way!

What is an adjective?

An adjective is a describing word that add details to the noun.


  1. A small bird.
  2. A huge package.
  3. She is a pretty girl.
  4. A blue sky with shiny stars.

5 tried and tested activities to teach kids adjectives in fun way

  • Let’s dress the sentence

This is my favourite game to play with my daughter.  We start with a simple sentence and then we add more details to it. My daughter and I take turns, and it really works well.

I start with a sentence like :

The girl walked.

The beautiful girl walked.

The beatitiful girl walked around the garden.

The beautiful girl with long hair walked around the garden.

The beautiful girl with long hair walked around the green garden.

And so it goes on and on. This activity really makes difference. Do give it a try !!

  • Who Am I?

One of the biggest challenge for kids is describing a human or their own self even. I did this activity with my daughter and she loved it so much. She haven’t describe herself and other so well ever. It was a huge success with her, Kindly share this PowerPoint with your kids as well and let me know how was the result.


  • Use all of your senses

The next activity is making popcorn with your kids. I made popcorn with my daughter and we use all of our senses to explain what we did.

SOUNDS when we make it and eat it (loud, popping noise, crunchy)

FEELS (squishy, slippery)

LOOKS (small, yellow, white)

TASTES (salty, buttery, sweet, delicious), and

SMELLS (like butter).

Then I give her a picture and ask her to describe using all her senses. Try this picture with your little one.

Ask them to use all their senses

SENSES CHART Can be downloaded here

  • Pick from a bag

Okay! another fun game I have played with my daughter is pick from a bag and seriously it is fantastic way of  model and practice using descriptive language. What you need to do is just get a bag and put some small items may be about 10 in it such as an apple, a hairbrush, a matchbox car, and a pencil. Then We take turns. We pull one item each from a bag and describe the objects. The object has to be guessed before it was pulled out of the bag. It must admit it was so much fun!

  • Sing with me

Well I know I said 5 ways but really kids loves songs. They leave lasting impact on their mind. They don’t forget them too quickly. So I highly recommend showing this video to your kids and sing along with them to make it more fun.

Hope you enjoyed today’s topic. I will see you guys very soon. If you would like to suggest anything please feel free to leave your comment below. Thanks