Year 2

What is an expanded noun phrase?

Dear mums, hope you are in good health and enjoying your holidays. Today I am  going to cover the topic of expanded noun phrase.

Let’s start looking at this simple picture.

What we can see? An alien. Simple !! Well yes. It’s a noun. A noun is name of a place, things, and people. Let’s now add some adjective to make this simple phrase a bit more interesting .

A noun phrase is a phrase built around a noun.

A _________ , _____________ alien.

A little, one eyed alien.


A little, happy, orange alien with three eyes.

Noun phrases make our writing more vivid and enjoyable. Once Kids will learn this  technique they will enjoy writing even more. I have planned this topic in 3 simple and enjoyable steps …

  • First start with showing this simple PowerPoint to your kids. Do all the activities with them. This will give them clear idea what they are going to do today.


  • Now give them a paper, pencil and ask them to write at least 10 nouns around them. The next thing they need to do is expand those nouns, using lots of adjectives and synonyms.
  • I highly recommend doing these three worksheets with them to reinforce the idea of expanded noun phrases.

Expanded noun phrase Activity 1

Expanded Noun phrase activity 2

Please also look at this YouTube video to gain a more clearer picture of Expanded noun phrase.

Vola !!! Your kids know expanded noun phrases now. Hope you guys had fun doing these activities with your little ones. If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop a message down….