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What are homophones? A step by step guide to teach kids

One of the most challenging tasks our kids face during their educational journey is to deal with words that are called homophones. Homophones are those words that sound alike but have different meanings. A simple example of homophones words are too, to and two — sounds same, yet very different.

“The two friends Muiz and Kinza went to the shop, and spent too much money.

These forms of the word are not at all interchangeable, and changing their place within a sentence would make that sentence incorrect.

So let’s make this simple for kids. I have made this step by step guide for kids so that they can understand homophones well.

  • Start with showing your kids this PowerPoint. Do all the activities that are described in the PowerPoint as it will make things simple and clearer to kids.


  • Do these worksheets with your little one. Make sure they make the sentence of each homophone they learn today. As doing so will make more sense to them.

Click here to download homophones Workbook

  • Print these homophones flashcards that are available for free. Print them and play with kids daily. It such a handy resource. (Special thanks to for providing this resource).

Download here

  • Lastly, I highly recommend to show them this YouTube video. They will love it !!!

That’s it !!! Your kids now know what homophones are. Hope you enjoy the lesson today. I will see you guys again soon. If you have any questions please drop a message below. Thanks