11 Best educational magazines for kids!

Are you looking for a fun-packed educational magazine for kids that will keep them learning new things? We have created a wonderful list of educational magazines that will sharpen your kid’s science, English and math skills. These magazine subscriptions are perfect as a birthday present. Read now and find out more.

11 Best educational magazines for kids!

Storytime magazine

My top favourite magazine for small kids who can read or are still learning to read. It will enhance children’s literacy skills such as spelling and vocabulary, and also develop their love of reading. There are no adverts or plastic toys.

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The magazine is packed with traditional tales, folk tales, fables, myths, legends, poetry and book extracts that you would love to read with your child.

Target age : 3 to 8 years

Subject Focus: Literacy

Frequency: Monthly

Cost: 3.99 per issue

Subscription offer: get 12 issues of Storytime for £33.99 with a Direct Debit subscription.


A wonderful magazine for curious children. It is a brilliantly illustrated and designed magazine with the main focus on arts and science. The magazine helps to learn things like  “How digestion happens?” and “what is an atom?”. It has lots of activities that children can do. I would highly recommend their cartoons as well to read more about them it check this article.

Target Age: 3 to 7 years

Subject focus:  science and arts

Frequency: Monthly

Cost: £4 per issue

Subscription offer: 12 issues for £50 by Direct Debit subscription.

Q-Junior puzzle from puzzler

The magazine is packed with challenging puzzles, games and slapstick fun to suit a broad age range. Familiar puzzles include crossword, kriss kross, riddles, Wordsearch, Brick Trick, Hidden Words, Spot The Difference, Sudoku, and more. It will definitely give a good shake to your child’s brain.

Target age:  broad age range

Subject: English and maths

Frequency: published six times a year

Subscription offer: £17.87 every 6 issues.

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Story Box/Adventure Box/ Discovery Box

Another wonderful magazine for your children that caters for a huge age range. There are there different magazines for different age groups, story box is for children aged three- to six-year-olds adventure box is for six to nine while the discovery box is for slightly elder children aged 9 to 12). Each issue is full of wonderful stories, fun facts, riddles and experiments. There is also an option for CD too so that children can enjoy stories while they are being read to them.

Target Age: Story Box is for 3-6 years — Adventure Box is for 6-9 years — Discovery Box is for children aged 9 to 12 year

Subject: English and maths

Frequency: published ten times a year

Subscription offer: an annual subscription to each magazine is £50.

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Anorak Magazine, the ‘happy mag for kids’ is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old. The Magazine is packed with information so it defiantly suits a proficient reader. There is plenty of puzzles, projects and imaginative work to do. Like other magazines keep this magazine in your library so the younger siblings can enjoy the latter.

 ANORAK says  “Studio Anorak’s  main philosophy is to encourage children to tap into their imagination, use their creativity to learn and is here to amplify their voices”

Target age: 6 to 12 years

Subject Focus: Literacy

Frequency: once a quarter

Subscription offer: get 4 issues for £25 Subscribe here


With plenty of fact-based articles, puzzles and knowledge enhancing activities, AQUILA is targeted for inquisitive, proficient readers aged 8-12. The magazine brings new topics every month, alongside articles about our world, science and history and general knowledge that every family will love. This educational magazine is made with quality paper that will last you ages.

Target age: 8 to 12 years

Subject Focus: Science

Frequency: Every month (July-August is a summer double issue)

Subscription offer: get 12 issues for £55 Subscribe here

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First news

The first news is an award-winning newspaper for children that helps them to build the habit of reading news. The newspaper lets children understand the world and stay aware of what’s happening around them. The news comes in bite-sized stories that are easily digested by little minds. The wonderful fun design of first news is packed with news, puzzles, photographs, competitions and celebrity interviews…

Target age: 8 to 12 years

Subject Focus: Science

Frequency: published weekly

Cost: £1.50 per issue. Also available as a digital edition to read on a tablet (£14.99 every 3 months).

Subscription offer: £1 for three issues then £16.49 every three months with a Direct Debit subscription.

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Whizz pop Bang

A new kids magazine aimed at making science fun and engaging for children aged 6 – 11 years. The main thing is the magazine is aligned with the UK national curriculum which means your children is getting the information that will help them in their school as well. Whizz Pop Bang! Will capture children imagination as it’s filled with fantastic facts, exciting experiments to try at home, bite-sized information from expert science writers, puzzles and eye-catching illustrations.

Target age: 6 to 11 years

Subject Focus: Science

Frequency: monthly

Subscription offer: an annual subscription is £34.99. (only postal subscription)

National geographic kids

The ultimate magazine published by the National Geographic Society for little explorers, scientists and astronauts of the future. The magazine covers a wide range of topics like wildlife and space, geography and the environment that will inspire the young reader. Give a treat to your little one today!

Target age: 8 to 12 years

Subject Focus: Geography

Frequency: monthly

Subscription offer:  Up to 13 issues per year for £35. Subscribe Now. (The digital issue only cost £18 when paying through direct debit)

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Magazines for kids

The week junior

According to The week junior website, the magazine is

“The Week Junior is a brilliant current affairs magazine for children aged between 8 and 14. It’s filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage curious young minds and encourage them to explore and understand the world around them.

By exploring real world matters, The Week Junior equips young people with the skills to think critically, learn about the world around them and ask questions.   It gives context to what they learn in the classroom – and encourages them to look further”

Target age: 8 to 14 years

Subject Focus: a variety of subjects

Frequency: weekly

Cost: £1.99 per issue

Subscription offer: Try 6 months free After this, your subscription will automatically continue at just £21.50 every 13 issues – saving you 17% on the cover price, every week.

Educational magazine


Beautifully illustrated with bright and bold pictures, this magazine is amid at children aged 6 to 12 years. The magazine covers plenty of topics from maths to literacy, science to geography, and the best part is it’s all based on the national curriculum in a fun and engaging way. There are loads of articles, facts, stories, debates, activities, puzzles and jokes which will keep kids busy.

Target age: 6 to 12 years

Subject Focus: Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Literature, Health, Art and Design, Poetry

Frequency: monthly

Cost: issues are £6.99 each

Subscription offer: an annual subscription is £49. Subscribe here

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More educational magazines for kids

Why not explore some more amazing magazines that are available in the market:

How it works:

Learn more about the world with this amazing fact packed magazine that focuses on science, technology, transport and much more. This educational magazine is great for older children ages 10+. The magazine will really keep children busy by focusing on every single topic they need to know. The magazine has thick quality paper with lovely pictures that will surely keep children engaged.

Target age: 10+ years

Subject Focus: Science, Technology

Issues: 13 per year

Subscribe now and get an amazing price. 

Brilliant Brainz:

An amazing educational magazine for kids aged 6 to 12 which is jam-packed with colourful and engaging STEM activities. This amazing magazine is free from the adverts. There are plenty of educational activities encouraging problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking. The magazine is written by amazing qualified teachers.

Target age: 6 to 12 years

Subject Focus: Science, Arts

Frequency: weekly

Subscription offer: An annual subscription is £39.99. Subscribe here

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Whizz pop Bang:

A wonderful award winning science magazine for children that helps sparks their imagination and provide them with plenty of hand on experiments. Give your children the best experience of science with this superb amazing.

Target age: 6 to 12 years

Subject Focus: Science

Frequency: Monthly

Subscription offer: An annual subscription is £54.99. Subscribe here

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We hope that you enjoyed our lovely list of magazines. Don’t forget to let us know your favourite magazine in the comments below.