11 best educational cartoons your kids will love to watch!

Kids love cartoons and as a parent, it’s my biggest concern. I always wanted to reduce the screen time as its very dangerous for them.  But as a kid, we have to give them some time so that they can watch their favourite things.

As a mum, I am very conscious of what my kids are exposed to. I want them to grasp good things in their little minds. Here is a list of some wonderful cartoons that will enhance their learning and will surely make the screen time worthwhile.

  • Messy Goes to Okido

This show is my ultimate favourite. To be honest it’s not only for kids I believe adults can learn soooo much from this show. This show focuses on science. Messy is a character who always come up with a question that how this thing work and then he goes to a place named okido where he finds the answer to his question. A very interesting show. A few days back my daughter came up and said to me “Mummy do you know everything is made up of an atom ?”. I was pleasantly surprised. I quickly asked how you know? And she responded I saw in the messy program. Isn’t it soooo amazing parents?


This show includes characters that teach kids alphabets and reading skills. On top of that, the wonderful things about this program are, it also enhances their vocabulary. My kids love it and every time they watch this program they learn something new. Thanks to PBS they have done a wonderful job.

  • Word world

Another show that focuses on building words and enhance reading skills in kids. In the show, the whole place is a build-up of words where animals interact with each other to build different words in order to solve various riddles. The show presents words beautifully that kids remember for a long time for example if a word is MAT then the words converts into MAT with letters written on it.

  • Team umizoomi

Team umizoomi is wonderful for pre-schoolers. The program focuses on math skills in a variety of areas like patterns, shapes and counting. The problem solving is done in a very fun way. This is my sons most favourite show and within the small time he has learnt so much about patterns and shapes. it also promotes the understanding of all preschool math concepts.

  • Number blocks

Number blocks is a new addition to BBC family. It’s a short 5-minute program that helps build children maths skills. The blocks are colourful and attractive to see. The cartoons mainly focus on addition, subtraction and missing number skills. I highly recommend this program as its short and packed with wonderful life skills.

  • Sid the Science Kid

Sid in one curious kid. As he goes to preschool each day, he and his friends find many things in the world around them wondrous and ask questions. Their teacher leads them to explore and investigate their question and discover the science around them. He and his friends learn about how to enjoy the world around them while learning about it at the same time.

  • Backyardigan

The Backyardigan will delight children with wonderful song and excellent dance moves. This show promotes imagination and a love of singing and dancing. Austin, Uniqua, Tasha, Pablo, and Tyrone use their imagination in their own backyard to create amazing adventures.

  • Wonder Pets

Wonder Pets are three little classroom pets that save other animals when no one is around. The show starts when Liney, Tuck and Ming Ming get a phone call from an animal who is in trouble. They then fly off to save the animal. This program teaches children how to work together, problem-solving skills and how to recognize that it is important to help those in need.

  • Word Girl

Word girl is a fantastic cartoon about a girl who is a super hero. She and her sidekick, Captain Huggy Face who is a monkey, fight crime together. What is the crime you ask? The crime is not knowing the best word to use in a given situation. The show runs for 30 minutes and introduces four vocabulary words in each episode. The words are used in a variety of situations throughout the show to give viewers an understanding of the context in which the words can be used. By building vocabulary, you are also increasing reading skills. Oh yeah, and they have fun too!

  • Ask the Storybots

This fun, the educational show is based on the Storybot apps. The premise of the asks the story bots get your kids thinking right from the start, as creatures live in the world beneath our screens. Each episode answers one of the many questions kids ask like, “Why is the sky blue?” or “Why do I have to brush my teeth?” The best part, surprisingly? They answer the question through song!

  • Cyber Chase

Cyber Chase is an award-winning, research-oriented adventure series that helps children develop math and problem-solving skills.