“We are Going on a Bear Hunt”- Review and Free Printable!

We are Going on a Bear Hunt

by Michael RosenHelen Oxenbury

Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt became an instant favourite among children and parents. It first hit the shelves in 1989 since then this book became a classics of all times. Meanwhile, a number of books came and fade away but this book is still most loved.

David Lloyd, Editor at Large, Walker Books said:

“ I first heard the mighty sound of Michael Rosen performing the piece, accompanied by 100+ children in a classroom in London. What excited me at once was the togetherness, the joyful way the children joined in, roaring the lines. What a beautiful day! We’re not scared.”


The book starts where father with his three kids and dog set off for a bear hunt. They seem very determined, energetic and BRAVE, as they kept saying “We are not scared“. On their way to catch the bear they find a number of obstacles (like Long wavy grass, squelchy mud, dark forest, swirling snow storm and dark gloomy cave) and they can’t “Go Over It, They Can’t go Under it. Oh NO! they Got to go through it“. The author use wonderful descriptive words to make the reader feel that they are inside the book and feeling all those obstacles. Finally, the family reached to the cave where they find the BEAR and guess what !! They got scared and ran back home, which wasn’t even easy as they had to face all those obstacles again.

My thoughts:

I first read we’re going on a bear hunt in a children centre where I used to take my daughter a few years back. I must admit I quickly fell in love with the story. It’s very well written, quite engaging and beautifully presented.  The blend of colourful and, black and white pages makes the book more attractive to kids. That day when I came home I went straight to amazon and order this book for my daughter. My daughter listened to this book numerous times and now when she can actually reads it herself, her love for this book is still there. The book is full of lovely feelings which reader can feel while singing the book. I have read this book like 100 of times to my own and other children, trust me I never got disappointed as it kept them engage till the very last end. The book can also be sung like a song and children just love it as well. The book comes in paper form, broad book and Big book for schools – all are really lovely and you will feel that you have well spent your hard-earned money. In the end, I would say you should give this book a try, You and your children will absolutely love it. BUY NOW by clicking here.

What others think about the book:

According to the most reputable books site, people absolutely love it.

According to the The Independent on Sunday, this book is

“A dramatic and comic masterpiece… Beautifully produced, written and illustrated, this is a classic work for any age at any period.”

Guardian says

“A big bold story perfectly matched by Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations, it captures the happiness and excitement of a family day out.”

The Sun thinks

“Already a classic, this picture book will capture the imagination of any child…a great tale to read out loud.”

The Sunday Times added

“Lovely to read aloud and beautiful to look at.”

Sunday Express expressed their wonderful experience by saying

“It’s practically a crime not to own a copy.”


Before finishing this review I really want you to see this video performed by Michael Rosen himself, it’s just wonderful. Beware !!! Your kids are going to love it so much that they want to hear this over and over again.

We are going on bear hunt FREE Printable:

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