Electronic Dictionary Bookmark Review!

Book reading is a crucial part of a child’s learning process. Studies have shown that children who read books regularly not only perform better in school but also have increased vocabulary and good general knowledge.

While reading a book looking for an unfamiliar word in the dictionary can be a difficult task for children.  Encouraging children to use a dictionary on their own can help your child become a more avid and independent reader.

My daughter loves reading, it’s her normal routine to pick a book and start reading whenever she finds the time. Every time she came across a new word while reading she rushed to me to know the meaning. We used to search the word on my mobile phone or in the paper dictionary.

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The two problems I faced were :

  1. As soon as she had my mobile phone in her hand she always got distracted and leaves the book aside.
  2. Finding words from paper dictionary was too time-consuming and she got fed up with this.

So, I did a bit of research and came across this Electronic Bookmark Dictionaryelectronic dictionary bookmarkThe dictionary comes in three different colours(pink, white and grey). It’s ultra-thin and fits perfectly inside a paperback book as a normal bookmark. The innovation is simple and amazing.

Electronic Bookmark Dictionary Review

The dictionary is having all 38,000 word’s definitions fed inside. It has won well deserved the gift of the year 2011.

Electronic Bookmark Dictionary Review

You simply enter the word you want to search and press “OK”. The dictionary tells you if the word is a noun(n), verb(v) or adjective(a) and if you scroll down you will learn meanings. It’s just so simple.  Now my daughter doesn’t have to get up and find for her dictionary. She just quickly searches the word. The dictionary is child-friendly and extremely easy to use which makes looking up words and translation a breeze.

Electronic Bookmark Dictionary Review

I would say it’s a superb choice for independent readers who can now search the meanings of tough words all by themselves.

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid review and I am writing about them because I genuinely think it is wonderful.

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