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As children move towards Age 7 they need something interesting to work on instead of colouring books and all childish stuff.  Having this thought in my mind, I thought to give a quick search to give my daughter something that will keep her interested through the upcoming holiday. Junior Puzzles magazine came up with an answer

I really liked the concept of junior puzzle magazine. After reading about it online, I thought to give it a try. And honestly, my daughter and I loved it!!!!! It’s full of great brain teasers and fun puzzles that my daughter really enjoyed trying to figure outJunior Puzzles magazine

The Junior puzzle magazine is packed with challenging puzzles, games and slapstick fun to suit a broad age range. Familiar puzzles include crossword, Kriss Kross, riddles, word search, Brick Trick, Hidden Words, Spot The Difference, Sudoku, and more. It will definitely give a good shake to your child’s brain.

Junior Puzzles magazine          Junior Puzzles magazine

Children will learn lots of new words in fun way so basically it will enhance their literacy skills. The magazine is targeted more towards age 6 onwards. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed doing her puzzles and according to her she can’t wait for her next magazine to come over.

The Junior puzzle magazine retails at £2.99 per issue, which I think is a very reasonable price for 100 puzzles. If you decide to take a year subscription then it’s even better value being £17.87 for 6 issues.  To make the magazine more interesting to kids, the kids get a chance to enter in two exciting prize competitions.

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