Passion with persistence !

Few things in life that can lead you to success is consistency. When I say consistency then I mean that once you set a goal then stick to it, it will take time to reach your ultimate goal but trust me you will get it.

Children education and success need parents consistency, time and effort. Setting goals for your children are easy but to be patient enough to stick to them is tough. For example, people set a target to teach their child every day for 30 minutes. They will do it for few days and then that’s it. This thing is not good, you are setting a good example in front of your child.

The best and worst thing about time is it never stops, the clock keeps ticking and ticking and time passes away, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Within few years your children will be grown up and you will sit back in a corner and say to yourself OH MY How quickly the time passed away, But if you had given time to your children education and bringing up you won’t be disappointed, You will BE A VERY PROUD MUM. Benjamin Franklin said “time is money” I will say NO time is much more than money, time is Educating your mind, Learning new skills, empowering yourself. Once your children have education MONEY and success will be after them. But It’s only you who can make it happen for your child, your children need your time your dedication – your consistency.

  • Be honest: first of all, I would like to say be honest with yourself about your child. Know their weakness and strong points. And then focus on the strong points. If you will be honest about your child you won’t be disheartened and you will struggle to achieve the best until the very last point.

  • Stay Patient: Once you start putting your effort on your child stay focused and be patient for the results. Trust me it won’t be long when results will start unfolding in front of your eyes and you will be so proud to see your little one moving steps to success one after another. Give them time to learn something don’t create a rush otherwise your little tot will panic and they might get reluctant to their studies.


  • Stay organised: staying organised is very important. Once you start a new topic with your child give them time to understand it, until they grasp the concept fully, and once they are done then move on to the next topic. Make a routine of your child, like they have to study for 30 mins every day. Taking out 30 mins from your busy routine for your child is not too much. It will take you some time to develop your habit, and so do for your child, but once both of you are used to in the routine you won’t even feel about it.


Mother Helping Daughter with Homework

  • Enjoy what you do:  As a mum enjoy your role, enjoy whatever you do for your child. It’s not only their education, it’s for every single thing you do for them. Feel proud of your efforts, tell yourself you are doing a BRILLIANT job. These things create positive vibes in your mind and you will feel more motivated and dedicated, you will work with happiness. Children are very sensitive, they can sense what their parents feel about something – Trust me if things are a bore and dull for you, then they will be a burden for your children too.