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Simple way to teach exclamatory sentences to your kids.

What are exclamatory sentences?

The exclamation sentences are those sentences which are used to show strong feelings,  these sentences normally end with an exclamation mark. The exclamation sentences are also known as exclamatory sentences. these sentences are normally made up of What and how like

Examples of exclamation sentences.

Here are some examples of exclamatory sentences:

  • What a beautiful day! (Expresses happiness)
  • How amazing this car is ! (Expresses surprise)
  • What a stupid boy you are, Jack! (Expresses anger)
  • What a tricky question this is! (Expresses frustration)
  • What an evil witch she was! (Expresses Fear)

How to make exclamatory sentences:

The exclamatory sentences in standard English need to begin with What or how. The sentence must contain a verb and ends at an exclamation mark. Another rule you must remember in writing an exclamatory sentence is…

If the noun in your sentence is plural then your best choice is to start a sentence with What instead of How.


  • What hardworking children these are! (Correct)
  • How hardworking children these are! (Incorrect)
  • What can also be used in singular form? (What a hardworking child he is!).

The following picture shows how exclamation sentences are written

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Practice now with FREE Worksheets:

To make this activity fun I have made some wonderful worksheets for kids to do. So that they can understand more about exclamation sentences.

Download Examine the sentences worksheet

Download Write Exclamation sentences worksheet

Hope you enjoyed today’s lesson. If you have any questions please feel free to contact. Thanks

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