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4 fun ways to teach contractions!

Is your child making some of the most common mistakes of grammar? Oh yes – I am talking about contractions. It is one of the most common mistakes children normally do. We will teach contraction in 4 wonderful ways.
Today’s lesson is to teach children contractions in a fun way so they never repeat this mistake again. It is very important to give them a solid foundation of contraction which will help them a lot with their grammar work.

What is a contraction?

The contraction is the process of making a word smaller. Basically, the word is made of two words but you contract it into one word by omitting some of its letters and putting apostrophes in that place like you have contracted to you’ve or did not contract to didn’t.

4 fun ways to teach contractions to your children.

The following are my favourite techniques used to teach contraction to children. Huge thanks to all the websites that I have used below for making the effort and providing a wonderful resources to us.

  • Contraction words foldable

Here is a wonderful yet simple foldable to teach contractions to kids. All you need is an A4 paper, scissors and pen.Now cut the strips of the paper and just write the words on the flap whereas the contractions on the inside.

Sorry for the light colors. my daughter made it.

Thanks to you are my inspiration behind this

  • Contraction words booklets

Download free contraction book from this link. it’s wonderful and FREE.

Thanks to for providing this resource.

Download from here : The Contraction booklet

  • Contraction flash card

Print and cut the flash card and do them daily with kids to reinforce the learning.


Download the flash card from here: Contraction flashcards

  • Minion contractions game.

Download the minion contraction game and play with children at home.


To download click here  Minion contraction game
Hope you enjoy this article. If you have any question or queries please comment below. Thanks