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The Ultimate Phonics Screening Check Book

Are you looking for fun ways to prepare your children for Phonics screening check? Have a look at The Ultimate Phonics screening check book. Kids will love decoding and reading words with our fun, hand on activities. Enter the magical world of space and aliens, and make phonics learning a fun journey for kids.

The pages are fun, attractive and easy to practice the words either with a whole class or one by one with the students. it will also immensely help the parents to practice at home with children.

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How the book will help my child?

The phonics screening check test the children capability to decode words separately from their vocabulary. They show how well a child can apply their letter-sound patterns to unfamiliar words accurately. Our ultimate phonics screening check book will build confidence in children to real pseudowords by providing them with plenty of fun activities.

These activities are a great way for students to practice their letter sounds and decoding skills while increasing their speed and fluency of reading!

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What’s included in the product?

This 35-page phonics screening book will provide children with multiple opportunities and formats to practice this important skill. There are games like roll a dice, colouring page, read and match activities and many more!

All the activities in the book are based around alien words covering Phase 1 to Phase 5.

Phonics Screening Check

The children will love the games like roll and read where they have fun activities to help increase their speed in reading alien and normal words! Children will take turns by rolling a die and reading the row of words that corresponds with the number they rolled.

The book includes the following activities:

  • Name the alien
  • Find the sound
  • Roll it. Read it
  • Read and colour
  • Sorting activities
  • Race to the finish line
  • Sounds speed test
  • Name the picture
  • Write the missing sounds.
  • Matching words with pictures
  • Read it. Draw it.
  • Colour by sounds.
  • Collect the Alien words.
  • Colour the picture by reading the words.

And many more!!

 Phonics Screening Check book

Download three pages Free sample by clicking on the image below:

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