How to develop reading habit in your children right from childhood !!

“People who read books regularly are on average more satisfied with life, happier, and more likely to feel that the things they do in life are worthwhile”  Alasdair Gleed, Research Director, DJS Research Limited.

Reading is a most important thing a child need to learn in order to succeed in life.  Research has shown that children who have love for books, gain creativeness and develops their critical thinking capacities. Let’s look at some of the benefits of developing good reading habits from childhood.

  1. The more children reads the more vocabulary they have, hence reading helps children learn more words and phrases, and enhance their speech. Cunningham an American educator mentioned in his book What reading does for the mind? reported that

    “reading volume both inside and outside the school has a significant impact on the development of reading speed and fluency, vocabulary, general knowledge overall verbal ability and academic achievements”.

  2. Cultivating good reading habits from the very early age helps to enhance your child’s attention span which helps them to focus better and for longer periods of time.
  3. Starting reading early in life gets children prepare better for school.
  4. Children who starts reading book from their childhood will have more love for books and they tend to peruse this habit later in life.
  5. Learning to read is a huge confidence booster and encourages the child to be more willing towards learning new skills


In addition to this reading habit is an important tool for the development of personalities and mental capacities of individuals. Well now when it’s clear that how important it is for our little tots to start reading you guys must be thinking that how we can develop this habit in our little champs? The answer to this question are these 10 tips that I have documented bellow. And do remember it is never too early to start ….

  • Provide them picture books at start.

At the start provide your babies with picture books. Colourful books appeal more to young children. Picture books also enhance imagination.


  • Read books at bed time everyday

The day you bring you baby home from hospital start reading with them. Babies love to be cuddled up and read to them. Bedtime is the best time to read a story. If they are being read every single day, As they grow up they will look forward to it.


  • Make a Book corner

Your book corner doesn’t have to be big or shelves full of books. It can be a small place with plenty of light and a comfy couch to sit on, where you child can sit quietly to read away from any distraction.


  • Be a good role model

Children do, what they see As they have every good observation. Read books, newspaper, magazine or whatever you like in front of them. If you child will see you reading they are more likely to have love for reading.


  • Make reading time fun

Children love things that are fun packed. Make book reading a fun for children. Once you read the story you can act it with them, children absolutely love doing it. Another good way to make it fun is by making exciting sound while reading. Micheal rosen reads his books we are going on bear hunt on YouTube. It is such a good idea to follow his footsteps while reading..


  • Reading doesn’t means book only.

Reading is not restricted to books, it should be part of your daily routine. Whenever you are out and about with your little champ try to read road signs, bill boards, grocery items names or prices.


  • Take them to library

Libraries are a great place to read and explore new books. Most of the libraries also offer various children story sessions for free, where children listen new stories together with their friends.


  • Give them choices.

Whenever you take your child to library or bookshop its always better to give them choice to choose the book that they like the most. It enhance their confidence and they are more likely to read something that they choose themselves.


  • Remember there is no alternative to paper book.

We are living in a society where everything surrounds by technology, E-book are no exception. There are many benefits of e-books but there are a lot of disadvantages as well which we can’t ignore. Soon I will write a detail topic on Technology … their advantages and disadvantages. When we talk about young children its always better to provide them with paper books at start. Children need to physically touch and feel the book. Once they are grown up e-books are absolutely fine.


  • Don’t force them.

Everything takes time, so be patient. They will learn slowly yet steadily. Don’t force them or you will put them off.