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How to solve missing numbers problem in year 2?

Do your children need practice with missing number problem in addition and subtraction questions? Do they need additional materials to provide a little more practice, both in school and for homework? They will love this lesson!

Solve missing number problems using Inverse

In math, addition and subtraction are inverse operations. When we add, we are putting together.  When we subtract, we are taking apart. The following poster explains the inverse operation in detail.

I saw a poem on Facebook and I loved it (Thanks to the unknown teacher). I have adapted the poem in my own wordsIt helped my children so much, I hope it will help you all as well.


Make sure your children know the numbers facts well. Using facts to solve problems means understanding that subtraction is the inverse of addition and vice versa. Therefore, if you know that 7 + 3 = 10, you could find the missing number in 10 – ? = 3 by using the same numbers.

Practice your skills:

Teach students to find missing numbers and solve subtraction with this set of practice sheets! The practice sheets build in difficulty as the first sheet is targeted with numbers up to 20 and the next sheet is up to 100.

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