28 Fun School Holiday Activities!

Looking for ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained over the coming holidays? Have a look at our list of 28 fun school holiday activities that will surely keep kids busy during holidays. 

Easter holidays are finally here. After a long hectic day at school, we all need some time to relax home. However, after just one day at home kids start feeling bored. We have put together a list of 28 activities to keep your children busy. From board games to going to the library, flying kite to having a night out with friends we have got everything to make children happy.

Make sure you start by planning each week. If kids know they have activities planned, they will be happier and relax. Also be sure to get the children involved in the planning, As they won’t complain about the activities chosen if they have taken part in the decision-making.

To download the list of activities click on the image and download the PDF file.

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