10 Inspiring Earth Day Books For Children

Celebrate Earth Day with your children by reading some of these 10 inspiring Earth day books about recycling, plants and our environment. Each book gives a wonderful message to children about how to love, care and protect our wonderful planet.

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1) Earth Day Every Day

The book is about little girl Tirana, an Earthling. Trina Was worried that people waste things and make earth messy. To solve the problem Trina organises an Earth day club with her friends. She plants trees, reuse stuff, stops wastage of energy and many other things to help make earth day every day.

2) I Am Earth: An Earth Day Book for Kids

The brightly illustrated book “I Am Earth” introduces children to our planet Earth and how we can keep it a happy and healthy place to live for all living creatures, no matter they are big or small. This is a wonderful way to teach our children the importance of recycling and reusing things, and why it is so necessary to take care of our environment.

3) The Earth Book

The Earth book teaches the importance of environmental protection and conservation. The book covers some very important topics for taking care of the earth like planting a tree, using paper carefully and reusing our old things.

4) I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The beautifully illustrated book will surely be your children favourite As they read through the life of little green monster who is not at all eco-friendly. He wastes energy, throws his old toys and uses plenty of toilet paper. The kids can follow his journey and learns about the environment and its importance.

5) Michael Recycle

Michael Recycle is a little boy who saves a small town from drowning in the litter. He teaches the people that they have to recycle in order to get clean and healthy town.

The people follow his instructions and get a gleaming, glittering town. The people announced Michael Recycle a green caped superhero, a Saviour for the town.

6) Fancy Nancy: Every Day Is Earth Day (I Can Read Level 1)

The story is about Nancy who loves earth so much that wanted her family to do everything to protect it. She keeps reminding her mom, dad and her little sister morning afternoon and night. Now the problem is Nancy must learn to keep a balance and save the earth using a little common sense.

7) Recycle every day

This lovely book is about a little bunny who wanted to win a recycling contest. The book teaches children about different objects which needs to recycle and which cannot be recycled. Also, there are plenty of new ideas for recycling rather than just putting things in the different bin. The book has lots of games and activities that children will find interesting and will read it again and again.

8) Earth Day — Hooray!

Another wonderful book to add to your library is EARTH DAY. HOORAY. The book is about three children Ryan, Luke and Carly who wanted to make their nearby park beautiful and clean. They plan to collect 5000 cans and recycle them, that will give them enough money to buy flowers. Read the story to see if they manage to do it. As an added bonus, at the end of the book, there are some really good maths activities that parents can do with their children. The maths activities range from teaching place value, addition, subtraction and grouping.

9) The Earth and I:

The Earth and I” is beautifully illustrated with its vibrant colours and fanciful journey. This delightful story introduces little readers to our planet Earth. Each illustration is a story in itself, paving the way for your child to ask questions as they behold the wonders they see. “The Earth and I” provide charming examples of how children and the earth are connected, clearly emphasizing the importance of the bond. Happy earth, happy child.

10) The magic school bus and the climate change

A truly amazing book to help explain children the climate change and the problems related to global warming. Go on the magical school bus journey with Ms Fizzle, where school children learn what damages carbon monoxide is doing to our environment. The children will learn how important it is for us to “Go Green” to save Earth.