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20 Free Picture Writing Prompts for kids with Vocabulary

Is your child struggling with their writing? We have made these fun and engaging picture writing prompts along with word bank to give them push with their writing skills. These writing prompts focus on building kids writing, spelling and vocabulary skills. 

Writing is such an important task for children. To make writing fun for children we have made this amazing writing prompts to support child story writing and narrative skills. Each page contains a picture along with vocabulary that will help children to write about the picture. Once children finish writing they can colour the picture to make their work more attractive.

The pages are full of different fun and creative ideas to let children imagination run wild. From dragons, dark forest or being at a spooky Halloween spot! These writing prompts have it all.

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20 Free Picture Writing Prompts with Vocabulary:

Let your child imagination flow smoothly with these fantastic picture writing prompts. These prompts will provide them with plenty of new ideas that they never have thought about.

The prompts also come with writers checklist. Let children take ownership of their writing and self-assess what they have written.

To save the free sheets just click on the image and save a PDF file.

spooky Picture Writing Prompt Witch Writing Prompt
Picture Writing Prompts
Fairy Writing Prompt
Forest Writing Prompt Dragon Writing Prompt
Jungle Writing Prompt
Enchanted Writing prompts Alien Writing Prompts
tree Picture Writing Prompts
forest Picture Writing Prompt Picture Writing Prompts

pirate Picture Writing Prompts

Picture Writing Prompts

Princess writing prompts

Castle Picture prompt

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