Reception Year 1

I know 3D shapes (Free Poster, Cards and worksheets)

Are you looking for fun and effective 3D shapes activities?

Try our shapes poem, Children will surely love it. These highly engaging activities are ideal for teaching 3D shape identification, attributes of shapes and learning shapes in real life. The children will compare and distinguish among shapes, learn the vocabulary of shapes, and identify shapes by their properties.

3D shapes properties free


3D shapes properties free


 shapes properties Practice your 3D skills:

shapes 3D shapes



  • Thank you for a wonderful resource! The link to the 3D shape word cards keeps going to the poem and not the word card resource. Thanks for sharing this great resource.

    • Dear Katherine,
      Thanks for pointing out the error. I have fixed it now.
      The Mum Educates

  • REF….I know 3d shapes chart
    I think there is a mistake. Surely a sphere has 0 edges. If this is correct, could you amend the chart, because it is simple to learn yet good.