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100 square free

Let children enjoy numbers with our free, fun and brightly coloured “100 square” resources. Our wonderful “100 square” printables will help children with their addition, subtraction, multiplication and place value. Why not choose from over 7 different styles that are hand created to suit the different needs of your children?

Free 100 Square – Printable

To spark children’s imagination and make lessons more interactive, we have made some themed versions of this resource. These themes consist of Summer icecream themed hundred number square, Fairy themed hundred number square, Llama, Dinosaur, Halloween theme, Blank hundred square and many more. You can also laminate the sheet so kids can use them over and over again.

To download simply click the image below and download the PDF file.

100 square 100 square

Halloween 100 square Llama 100 square

100 square Summer Superhero themed 100 square

100 square superhero

hundred square

Some beautifully illustrated 100 squares which children can colour and enjoy.

Monster 100 square100 square

Dragon hundred Squareplain 100 square

How does “100 squares” grid help children in their maths?

The 100 square is a wonderful resource to help children learn numbers from the start. The hundred square will help children investigate how to find multiples of numbers, how even or odd numbers are situated across the grid, how to count on and backwards from a number and much more. For younger children, it is a great resource for recognition and writing numbers.

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Activities to do with Hundred Square:

We have made a list of some activities that your children will love to play.

  1. Let children learn their timetables by skipping counting and colouring the squares. This activity will also help children visualize their timetable and thus aiding their learning process.
  2. Cut the number grid into puzzle pieces now let children put the puzzle pieces back together and see who is the fastest.
  3. Cut all the numbers separately, ask children to put them in a pattern of 2s, 5s or 10s.
  4. Ask someone older than you to play the teacher: pupil game with you. The teacher says to put the counter on the number that is 1 more or less than a given number. If you get the answer right, you get a point. If you get the answer wrong, the teacher (your partner) gets the point. The winner is the person with the most points after 5 minutes!