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Top 10 Free Maths Games for Year 1 Kids

Are you looking for super cool maths games for Year 1 children? Don’t worry, we have created the ultimate list of math games that you need to teach all the year 1 topics to your kids. The games are all free and mobile, and tablet friendly.

Sitting and doing maths homework with your child can be a very tricky task especially when they find it challenging. Don’t worry, there are many ways to make math fun and engaging for kids. The best and most efficient way is by playing math games.

But the question is how do math games help children? The games are fun, colourful and engaging. They make doing math exciting and rewarding. Nowadays the games do cover all the topics that children need to learn according to the national curriculum.

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Top 10 Free Maths games for Year 1 kids:

To make it simple for you all we have made a list of the best online math games for Year 1 students. We have also explained which math skills your child will learn while playing that specific game.

  • Ordering game
    Caterpillar ordering
    is an amazing ordering game by Top Marks. The interactive game has two modes, you can either choose to learn ordering or sequencing. The game offers different difficulty levels which can help different ability groups of children. The game will help children recognise and learn number sequences and reinforce the understanding of multiples.
    ordering games for year 1
  • Odd and even numbers
    Odd and even numbers important concepts that children learn during KS1. Coconut Odd and Even number is a superb game by Top Marks which further reinforces children’s understanding of odd and even numbers. The game has different difficulty levels to suit different ability groups.
    Maths games for Year 1
  • Addition and Subtraction
    Funky Mummy is a wonderful game by ICT Games which focuses on number facts. The games help children practice quick recall of addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.
    Online math games
  • Money
    Toy Shop Money is a game that helps to introduce and understand UK money to children finding difficulty in this topic. There are two levels to this interactive game: one in which the child is learning to create combinations of varying amounts using coins. On the other level, they work out change. The game also supports other currencies including EurosAustralian and US money.
    Online Math games
  • Fraction: Finding half and quarters
    Firepit Fractions allows children to learn fractions in a visually attractive way. The year 1 child learn to recognise half and quarter as one of two equal parts and as one of four equal parts of an object, shape and quantity respectively.This game is heavy and takes some time to load and ask the child to look at the smoke to tell how much the cooked item will be shaded or burned. This game also has a mode for year 2 and year 2+ children for advanced fractions.
    fraction games year 1
  • Division/Sharing
    Most of the children find it hard to grasp the concept of division, especially in the word problems they need to know how to share items fairly. The Curious dog fair sharers game helps children to learn the sharing concept by visualising the distribution of bones among dogs.
    Maths games for KS1
  • Shapes: 2D and 3D
    In Year 1 children are expected to identify various 2D and 3D shapes. Exploring shapes is a simple and fun game from Turtle Diary. The game helps children learn shapes by identifying the shape and then clicking on it to make koalas jump on it.
    shapes games year 1
  • Position and direction:
    A very fun and interactive game by PBSKids which is surely going to be a hit among kids. The game helps children learn up, down, right a left. The Hungry pirates game is about pirates who have lost their treasure chest and you have to find it for them. The direction is simple and children can easily follow them.
    Maths games for Year 1
  • Measurement:
    A Let’s measure game by Star Falls will help children practise measuring using informal units.
    Measuring game free
    Once children master the informal units then move to the introduction of the ruler with this awesome game by Top marks.  The game has different difficulty levels so choose according to the child ability.
    Maths games Year 1
  • Telling Time:
    Telling time is one of the trickiest concepts of KS1. Hickory Dickory dock by ICT games is a saviour. Once children learn the concept of telling time they can practise it daily with this amazing game. The game has different difficulty levels to suit all abilities.telling time gameFor more amazing free resources and articles, like and share our Facebook page and also follow us on Pinterest.

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