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Free Hundred Number Square Worksheets

Hundred Number Square

Are you looking for fun and engaging worksheets to deepen children knowledge and understanding of numbers up to 100? Don’t panic! We have made unique and fun Hundred Number Square Worksheets which will make learning and practising numbers a treat for children. All the printables are beautifully illustrated to keep children engaged at all times. Download now for free and liven your math lesson!

What is a Hundred Number Square?

A hundred number square is a visual teaching aid for children where numbers are laid out in a 10×10 grid from 1 to 100. The 100 square helps children to visualise the number patterns. It is also a great aid in doing addition subtraction, multiplication and other math problems.

You might also like the beautiful themed 100 squares to make learning more fun and interesting. There are over 10 different themes to print from.

100 square

Free Hundred Number Square Worksheets

Bring the number fun to your class with these amazing worksheets. Download now by clicking on the image.

The worksheet below features 100 square with some missing parts. The children need to work out which numbers are missing and then complete the whole number square.

hundred Square missing numbers

Use this worksheet in your class to check children 100 square knowledge. You can also use it in pairs where a child needs to finish quicker than their partner.

100 square puzzle

An engaging activity where children need to fill in 10 more, 10 less and 1 more, 1 less than the given number.

Less and more worksheet

Let children find and colour the 100 square by answering the questions given.

Hundred Number Square worksheet

A wonderful 100 square game that is targeted at younger children. The children need to find the number hidden under the picture and then write the number on the next page opposite the correct picture.

Hundred Number Square Finding Numbers Worksheet

How do hundred square worksheets will help children in their learning?

The superb worksheets will help children learn and practice numbers up to 100. It will also help children improve their problem-solving skills. The printables are beautifully presented which will help fill any gaps in children learning and making sure that they meet the national curriculum targets.

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