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Free Place Value Worksheets Year 1

Place value Grade 1

Do you need fun worksheets to teach place value for your Year 1 students? Look no further! We have made some amazing Year 1 Place Value Worksheets that are JAM-PACKED with place value fun. These lovely worksheets will make teaching place value a treat for the children. 

What is a place value in maths?

Place value helps us identify the worth of each digit. We use it to understand if the value or worth of a digit is thousands, hundreds, tens or ones.

For instance, in 5426 the “5” is 5000, “4” is 400, “2” is 200 and “6” is ones.

What do children need to know about Place value in Year 1?

According to the national curriculum, Year 1 children are expected to:

  1. Count and read numbers from 0 to 100.
  2. More than, less than and equals to
  3. Count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  4.  Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations like numbers line, ten frames and base 10 blocks.
How to use these Place Value worksheets with your children?

Our amazing place value worksheets are great for teaching children the most important concept of maths and that is Place value. Place value is a basis for our entire number system. As children start to learn from counting objects they gradually move to tougher concepts of maths.

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Download our amazing sheets by clicking on the image below.

Missing numbers worksheet Number line worksheets

Place Value worksheet     Place value worksheets

Place value printable Base 10 blocks worksheets

Year 1 Place value

Fun classroom activities to teach place value:
  1. Claps and Clicks:
    The teacher writes a two-digit number on the board. The child has to say the number by clapping for tens and clicking for ones. For example, the number is 36. The child has to clap 3 times and clicks 6 times.
  2. Roll and Collect:
    Put children in pairs. Give each pair a dice, as they roll a number they collect it with base ten blocks. When they have enough ones they exchange them for a ten. They also keep a scoreboard by writing how many they have after each turn. Set them a target number, the first one to reach it is the winner.
  3. Number Bump:
    Give pair of children an empty number line or grid. Child one writes 1 then bumps it to partner to write next number 2 keep going till reach they reach 20.

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