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Introduction to Fractions in Year 1 (Free booklet attached)

Are you finding fractions hard to teach? Are they daunting for children? Trust me you are not alone. I have faced this problem too. As children advance from reception to year 1, they are introduced to word fraction and many children find it difficult to grasp this topic. Don’t worry, please keep reading below and it will definitely help.  (Free Fraction Booklet at the bottom of the page)

What is a fraction?

Fractions tell us how many parts of a whole we have. The fractions are normally written with one number up and another number down with a slash in between. The following picture shows how the fraction is written.

We use fractions daily in our normal life. As parents we divide day life objects between our children, that’s fraction.

Example 1: Mr Smith bakes a cake. Knock knock! Somebody is at door. Here comes Sara. Mr Smith shares half of his cake with Sara. So now, Mr Smith has 1 part of the 2 parts of the whole pizza. It will be represented as 1/2.

Example 2: If a family of four people shares a cake than they need to cut it into 4 parts. Each person will get one-fourth of the whole cake. One-fourth is known as Quarter and it is represented as 1/4.

Remember: The fractions are always equal parts. The picture below explains quarter and a half.

To introduce fractions in detail. Show the below YouTube video to your children. It will give them detail idea of fractions.

Practice your understanding:

To check understanding of children give the fraction booklet to your child and see how he performs.Download free year 1 fraction booklet

I hope you enjoy today’s topic. If you have any questions please comment below. Thanks

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  • This is useful. I have been searching for Year 1 homework booklets for my son. My stepdaughter is in year thirteen and her little brother is starting big school this week. He turns six years old in two days time. He will be at the primary school. Do you have any homework suggestions? I am at a loss for ideas. Many thanks!