Year 3

Year 3 Common Exception Words (Free worksheets)

Hi everyone, Today we going to learn the year 3 common exception words.

I have made words mat along with flashcards to help teach children in a fun way.Print the flashcards, laminate them and cut them. They are great to practice with children every day. I also recommend asking the children to make sentences of these words. I hope it will benefit you all.

what are common exception words?

As soon as children start to read in school, they start to learn common exception words as well. Common exception words are the tricky words to read. they normal phonics system does not apply to them. The exception words do come very frequently in English so they are taught from very early age. As the child progresses in school they learn tougher words. It is always good to practice these words regularly at home as it helps children to improve their reading speed and spellings.

Common Exception Word Mat:

Download Free Common exception word mat

Common Exception Flash Cards

Download Free Year 3 common exception Flashcard

Make sentences worksheet

Download Free Year 3 common exception words sentences