Year 2

Learn to count in 3’s and 4’s in a fun way!

Hi! Hope you all are in high spirits. Today we are going to learn how to teach children to skip count in 3’s and 4’s. children normally learn this while they are in Year 2. Let’s look at the fun way we can teach this to our children.

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How to teach children to count in 3’s and 4’s:

There are numerous ways to learn to count in 3’s and 4’s but the best one is by singing and dancing, children just love it. Most of the teachers say children grasp songs far quicker than any other way.

This YouTube video focuses on counting in 3’s. It’s very interactive and my kids enjoy them a lot.

Count in 4’s with this fun song:

Another memorable counting in 4s song. It’s sung to the tune of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. 

4 and 8 and then there’s 12,
4, and 8 and then there’s 12, pretend you’re an elf, (make pointy hat shape with your hands above your head).

Sit on the floor (Sit down and stand up).

28 and 32,
28 and 32.
Run to the zoo (Run on the spot).

36 and 40,
36 and 40,
Be a little naughty (Children pull a silly face at the teacher).

44 and 48,
44 and 48,
Who ate all the cake?
(Shout) ME!

(Thanks to Karina Cat for posting it on twitter)

Practice your skills

Print this 7 pages Booklet and give it to your child.

Download Count in 3s and 4s year 2

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