10 Best Alexa skills for kids – Fun and Educational

Amazon Alexa is one of the best virtual voice assistant available nowadays. Not only, it is capable of playing music, reminders, ordering pizza or looking for your questions over the internet, it can also help you keep your children entertained for hours while making them learn new things.  It can help them in their mental Math, vocabulary building, storytelling, phonics and much more. 

As there are hundreds of skills available on Alexa app and website, it can take you quite a while to find the best skills Alexa has on offer. To solve this problem we have handpicked these 10 best Alexa skills for your kids that will surely keep them entertained while educating them new things.

Remember: To enable the new skill you can say to Alexa(Example: Alexa, enable high five maths) or go on the website and enable it manually.

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10 Best Alexa skills for kids.

  • High five Maths

‘High Five Maths’ is an amazing app developed by a former teacher with over 16 years of experience. The skill offers children to practise mental maths in a fun way. Choose from 5 levels that range from Year 1 up to Year 5 children. It is perfect for building number fluency and speed in mental calculations.

Ages: 5 -10

  • Word of the day.

Start building your child’s vocabulary with ‘Word of the Day’. Alexa tells one word each day along with its definition, spelling and synonyms.

Ages: 7 +

  • Kids quiz

Let children discover new things about the world with this awesome Alexa skill.  ‘Kids Quiz’ asks kids new questions every day from animals and science to brainteasers and fun facts.

Ages: 5-12

  • Kids jokes, knock-knock and riddles

There is no limit to fun and laughter with ‘Kids jokes, knock-knock and riddles’. The skill offers over 300 funny knock-knocks, riddles and other jokes for kids!

Ages: Suitable for all.

  • Animal game

With over 2000 4-star reviews, this skill is quite popular amoung kids. Test Alexa’s knowledge of animals with this amazing game. At start the skill will ask children to think of an animal and then Alexa will ask questions to figure out which animal you were thinking. To play this game children must know their animal quite well. To open say “Alexa, open Animal Game

Ages: 6+

  • Times table battle

A fun multiplication game for kids ideally aged between six and twelve. Times table battle offers two modes to play. Choose from simple or battle mode.  In simple mode you have to answer the questions and score points. With time the questions get harder – up to up to 20x table. In battle mode, you have to beat Alexa with your answer.

  • My Phonics

Start teaching spelling with phonics with ‘My Phonics’. The skill helps children learn a new word every day using sounds along with actions.

Ages: 4+

  • Twenty questions.

‘Twenty questions‘ is a classic family-friendly game. You can play this as a whole family. Choose from animal, vegetable or mineral. Alexa will then ask you 20 questions to figure it out.

Ages: 7+

  • The Magic Door. 

Alexa brings the best storytime experience for children with the skill ‘The Magic Door’. The skill offers an interactive experience with amazing sound effects and plenty of characters to choose from. The stories are about 10 minutes long making it perfect for children. The only problem I felt is some of the stories gets mildly creepy that some children won’t like. The other good options are Amazon storytime, bedtime explorers and Amazon storytime.

Ages: 5+

  • 1-2-3 Math

1-2-3 Math’ can help your kids enhance their maths skills. The skill tests your child arithmetic skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison, and much more at three different levels with increasing difficulty.

Ages: 5+

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Now it’s your turn to tell us your favourite Alexa skills. Let us know in the comments section below.

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