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Rounding numbers – Free Worksheets, Rules and Posters

Rounding Numbers

Are your students learning to round numbers in 10,100 and 1000? Do you need an exciting and engaging teaching aid to strengthen rounding numbers concept? Our posters and worksheets are perfect for Year 4 students to understand this math concept. Display the posters in your classroom or stick them to your student’s notebooks so they can constantly refer back to it.

What is rounding?

Rounding numbers mean adjusting the value of a number(up or down) to make calculations easier and simpler. The answers given by the rounded numbers are not accurate and precise but close to its value.

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Rounding Rules:

In the whole numbers, start by looking at the place value of the digit. Next, look at the digit on the right side of your rounding number.

    • If the number is between 1-4, then, you don’t change the rounding number. Only the numbers on the right side turn to zero.

                     Example: 449 becomes 400 when rounded to the nearest hundreds.

    • If the number is between 5 -9, then, you add 1 to the rounding number and the numbers on right turn to zero.

                     Example: 7741 becomes 8000 when rounded to nearest thousands.

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To make this fun for children we have made this amazing rounding rules poster along with examples. Download yours today.

Rounding numbers

A4 Rounding Rules Poster     A3 Rounding rules Poster

Rounding Examples:

Rounding Numbers to the nearest 10:

At the start, children are introduced with the number line to calculate the answers. To round, the number to the nearest 10 check the units column. If the number in the units column is 1-4 we round it down, as discussed in rounding rules, but if it is 5 to 9 we round the number up.


Rounding to the nearest 100:

When rounding the number to the nearest 100, look at the tens digit. 5 to 9 round the number up, 1 to 4 round it down.


Rounding to the nearest 1000:

For rounding to 1000, you have to look at the digit in the hundreds place.


How to help children learn to round in fun ways?

Rounding can be a daunting task for some children. Make rounding rules fun and an enjoyable moment for children with our colourful and attractive rounding rhyme and rap posters. All posters are available in A4 and A3 size to suit your needs.

Hang these posters around your classroom or even make copies for students to paste in their notebooks.

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Rounding Rhyme:

The display poster below features a famous rounding rhyme to help students remember the rules of rounding.

Rounding Numbers

Download Rounding Rhyme in A3 Size

Rounding Rap:

Our lovely Rounding Rap Poster will help your students easily memorize the steps for rounding. It’s an easy and fun chant for children to memorize so they know the steps for rounding. The rap is available in two beautiful styles to choose from.

Download Rap 1 in A3 Size OR Download Rap 2 in A3 Size.

FREE Worksheets:

Practice rounding skill with your children using our amazing worksheets given below. Download your free worksheets by clicking on the image below.

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