10 Tips to help your children learn to write

Welcome back, folks. Today I am going to discuss 10 tips that will help build your children learn to write. I know a lot of parents struggle to start their children writing at home. Sometimes they don’t know where to start, sometimes they do start but from wrong concepts that make children get bored quickly and even parents start getting tired.

Writing is definitely an important skill of life which is hard to learn and master. Here are a few simple techniques, if followed properly children will learn to write more quickly and in a fun way.

  1. Provide lots of writing material to your children like paper, pencils, colours and crayons.
  2. Let them scribble as much as they want. This helps them get used to of writing and express their thoughts. It will also help build children hand muscles and improve their pencil control.
  3. Make a separate place for writing in your home where children can write away from distraction.
  4. Ask them lots of questions once a child finishes drawing like what they have made? What is the boy doing? Can you tell me a story about this? etc.
  5. Just practice, practice and practice. Writing needs lots and lots of practice. If a child is finding it hard let them trace over the letters. By repeating this activity, your child will begin to understand how to form letters.
  6. Encourage your child to write their name. While they write point out each letter so that they recognise it properly. Be very patient as it does take time, but stay consistent and keep trying. This is very important as this is the first skill child needs to know when they start reception.
  7. Praise your child as much as you can. Find good things in your child writing. Always remember that simple words of encouragement can do wonders.
  8. Reading plays a huge role in writing skills, as they both complement each other. The more your child reads, the more ideas he will have to write down. I highly recommend they get good educational magazines as kids enjoy them more than normal books.
  9. Pointing words as you read them in stories or writing words said in a conversation will help them understand the link between spoken words and written text.
  10. As your child gets older encourage them to write letters and cards to other family members. This will help them to build their confidence and vocabulary.