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FREE Simple Sentence Writing Picture Prompts for kids

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Are you looking to teach writing with full sentences with your kids? Our wonderful simple sentence writing prompts are perfect to encourage your young kids to start writing and making full short sentences. Make writing fun for your young students. Download Now!

During the early years, Reception children start making full sentences. Some times children need an extra push to imagine and write something. Use the simple sentence writing prompts to spark child imagination and encourage them to write a sentence. These are great for beginners or those who are struggling with their writing skills. These prompts will defiantly help children improve their writing skills and give them confidence to make more sentences in future.

Each sheet features a list of tricky words that children may find daunting while they write. Once children finish their work they can check there work with the handy checklist to see if they have ticked all boxes.

Simple Sentence Writing Picture Prompts

Picture Writing prompts are always a hit with children as they can see visuals and write about them. The handy writing prompts are perfect for group work, homework and home learning tasks

The sentences can be short or complex using “and” conjunction which children learn in Reception. The examples of simple sentences are:

  1. The Rabbit ran fast.
  2. The duck likes rain.
  3. The hen lays an egg.

Once children finish writing a sentence, they can colour the picture which will help improve child’s fine motor skills. Start writing now!

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