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30-day Kids Life Skills Challenge

Life skills are as important as educational or other skills in life. Now when children are at home due to the coronavirus, it’s a perfect time to start building these skills. To make this fun for children, we have a made a 30-day Kids Life Skills Challenge which your children will surely enjoy and will prepare them for the rest of life.

Have you ever considered teaching your children the skills they need to thrive in the real world? Will your children be able to do small tasks if you are sick or not at home? Its a must for children to learn these small skills. Why not start from small things like riding up their room, mopping their own room and then slowly other skills like loading and unloading laundry or ironing clothes. These skills are as important as their academics.

Once you are done with this fun Kids Life Skills challenge, why not take part in our 30-day Kids Fitness Challenge that will help children stay fit and healthy during this challenging time.

30-day Kids Life Skills Challenge:

Download the free printable by clicking on the link below and save the PDF file.

The challenge includes:

  1. Learn how to load and unload the washing machine.
  2. Make your bed.
  3. Learn to wrap a gift.
  4. Cook a new meal from whatever you have in the fridge.
  5. Learn to tie your shoelaces.
  6. Make your own breakfast.
  7. Learn to stitch a button.
  8. Learn to tell the time in both digital and analogue clock.
  9. Set a dinner table for your family.
  10. Sort the recyclable bins.
  11. Make a cucumber or cheese sandwich.
  12. Wash a dish or pot.
  13. Learn to use a knife and fork.
  14. Read a book and act out a scene from it.
  15. Girls learn to plait hair and Boys Do a cool hairstyle
  16. Clean your bedroom.
  17. Know your full name, phone number and complete home address.
  18. Learn how to use a vacuum cleaner.
  19. Plant a herb and take care until it grows.
  20. Hang the clothes out to dry.
  21. Dress yourself.
  22. Hang clothes on a hanger.
  23. Learn to fold clothes.
  24. Mop one room in your house.
  25. Clean your kitchen shelves.
  26. Peel vegetables safely.
  27. Know who to call in an emergency.
  28. Iron a pillowcase and put it on the pillow.
  29. Know when to use 999 and when to use 111 emergency services.
  30. Tidy your toys.

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