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Free Summer Writing Challenge for kids 2020

Great writer has great concepts. Give children the opportunity to bring out their creative sides this summer. Print out our handy and colourful 30-day summer writing challenge and see their best writing skills.

Summer is finally here. why not make this summer great by sharpening your children writing skills. To make this fun and interesting for children we have made 30-day summer writing challenge 2020. Each day brings a short writing activity that will keep your children into the loop of learning. Hand over a paper and pencil to your child and see their creative minds in action. By the end of the month, you will surely see a massive difference in their writing skills.

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Summer Writing Challenge 2020:

Use this lovely writing challenge to sharpen your children writing skills this summer.

Supplies needed:

  1. Colour Printer
  2. A4 paper
  3. Summer Writing Challenge printout
  4. A pen.


Simply click on the image of the summer writing challenge you are looking to print. Save the PDF file and print it.

30 day Summer Writing Challenge 2020:
  1. Write tips on how to keep yourself and others safe during COVID-19.
  2. Write a poem about summer.
  3. Write a book review of your favourite book.
  4. Write a hilarious poem.
  5. Write a new ending for the book you read today.
  6. Write about your home learning experience.
  7. Write a description of a garden using 5 senses.
  8. Write about a new exotic fruit you tasted this summer.
  9. Make a bucket list of things you want to do this summer.
  10. Write about your favourite children’s book author.
  11. Write about a favourite character you read in the book.
  12. Write five interesting facts about summer.
  13. Go for a nature walk. Write 5 sentences about it.
  14. Write a list of instructions on how to wash your hands with soap and water.
  15. Write about your favourite historical event.
  16. Write about a magic lamp you found in the woods.
  17. Write a shopping list for your parents.
  18. Create a fact file of your favourite animal.
  19. Write a scary story under the shade of a tree.
  20. Write about the worst holiday of your life.
  21. Write about your favourite water game or activity.
  22. Make a sandwich. Write a list of instructions on how to do it.
  23. Write about your favourite sport.
  24. Write while sitting on a green grass in a park.
  25. Write a letter to your friend or family.
  26. Write swimming instructions for your younger sibling.
  27. Write a recipe of your favourite dish.
  28. Write what you miss the most this summer.
  29. Write a mystery story.
  30. Write about what you want to achieve in your new class.

Certificate of Achievement:

The certificate below is designed to reward students who have successfully completed the Summer Writing Challenge 2020.

certificate of writing kids


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