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Numbers Counting In Words Free Worksheets

Counting Numbers In words

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce counting in words? We have made some super simple and amazing worksheets that will add a twist to your math routine and enhance your child’s math skills. Download these amazing worksheets now, and dive into the world of numbers!

These amazing worksheets will make learning counting in numbers a breeze. We have created 10 worksheets that cover counting from number 1 to 10 with some lovely pictures that children can count and then colour them in.

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Counting In words Number 1 to 10:

Transform your child’s boring and dull number learning routine into a fun and engaging task with our handy worksheets.

Click on the image and download the PDF file.

Count in words One

Count in Words Number 2

Count in Words Number 3

Counting Number 4

counting numbers 5

Counting Numbers Six 6

counting | Counting 7 | Counting Words

Counting Words Online

Counting Words pdf

Counting Words Pages

How counting in words helps children enhance their numeracy skills?

Counting is one of the most important skill that children learn at the start of their education journey, but alongside number they have to learn them in words as well. It help your little one to connect the dots of numbers and words and open their imagination to a new level. Some of the main benefits of leaning numbers in words are

  1. Problem Solving skills: It helps the children with their problem solving skills and brining numbers to the real life. Once children know the number in words they can read them on boards, charts, and many more.
  2. Solid Maths Foundation: To build a solid maths foundation children should learn to count numbers in words, Once children have full grasp on these skills then they can move towards the more enhanced concepts of mathematics.

Fun Count Words Online Games:

Embark on a wonderful journey of learning numbers while playing fun games online. We have chosen two best games that children can play while having hours of fun with a bonus of leaning.

  1. Teddy Numbers: Teddy Numbers is a wonderful interactive fun game by Top Marks. The game helps children learn numbers upto 15 and also teach the number in words. Join the fun now!
  2. Fruit Splat Game: Another fun game for young minds by SheppardSoftware. This game has many different mode and toughness levels. It helps teach numbers upto 1000. How great is that. Start playing now!

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