Year 1

Year 1 Morning Starter Activities Powerpoint

Are you looking for fun morning work to start the day? Kick-off the day with this fantastic Year 1 Morning Starter Activities PowerPoint. The PowerPoint has over 11o amazing activities to keep children busy while you prepare the register.

The fantastic 110 slides feature plenty of fun activities including phonics, shapes, reasoning, fluency, word search, spelling, problem-solving skills and much more. These morning activities would make a perfect starter for the lesson.

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How these Morning Activities help you?

Morning starter activities are a perfect way to boost the child’s energy level and prepare their brains to start learning. Each slide is colourful and well made so they will keep children entertained while working on their key KS1 skills.

The colourful slides will work on children key maths and English skills while building their confidence and helping them excel in their studies.

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Year 1 Morning Starter Activities

Which activities are included in the PowerPoint?

The engaging PowerPoint has over 50 different activities including:

  1. Phonics Phase 2,3,4 and 5
  2. Word search
  3. Addition
  4. Subtraction
  5. Shapes
  6. Find the hidden objects.
  7. Spot the difference
  8. Spelling
  9. Numbers in words
  10. Place value
  11. Making sentences
  12. Using a question mark
  13. Using a full stop
  14. Using a capital letter
  15. Nouns
  16. Ordering Numbers
  17. Making sentences
  18. Writing stories
  19.  Number bonds
  20. Missing numbers
  21. Days of the week
  22. Learning colours, fruits and shapes
  23. Comparing objects
  24. Counting in 2s
  25. COunting is 5s
  26. Counting in 10s
  27. Less and More
  28. Word problems
  29. Look and find
  30. Measurement
  31. Sharing
  32. Part whole model
  33. High-frequency words
  34. True or False
  35. Match the word
  36. Real or alien words
  37. Fraction
  38. Conjunction
  39. Suffixes
  40. Multiplication/sharing
  41. Plural
  42. I SPY
  43. Sound it out
  44. Telling time
  45. Halving
  46. Doubling
  47. Complete the pattern.
  48. Grouping
  49. Complete the sentence.
  50. Plural

And much more…!

Year 1 Morning Starter Activities

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