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30-day Kids Maths Challenge – Free Printable

30 day math challenge

Make the most out of these summer holidays by helping children build key maths skills with this fun and colourful 30-day kids maths challenge. This free and fun challenge will surely keep kids busy and engaged all summer long. Download Now!

Consolidate the key maths skills this summer with this fun maths challenge. Children need to just do one challenge every day for the next 30 days. There is plenty of fun activities to educate and entertain kids. The skills covered in this challenge include addition, subtraction, times table, counting, estimation, fraction and much more.

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30-day Kids Maths Challenge:

Download the free printable by clicking on the link below and save the PDF file.Kids Maths Challenge 30 day

The challenge includes:

  1. Count how many pair of shoes you have.
  2. Learn and write the properties of 2 different 2D shape.
  3. Walk to the park. How long it took you to reach the park?
  4. Clean your room daily for one week and write down the times.
  5. How fast can you say and write numbers 1 – 100? Ask an adult to time you.
  6. Measure your sibling’s height.
  7. Go to the park and find twigs. How many did you find?
  8. Play your favourite game with your family and see who scores the most points.
  9. Compare the weights of your family. Find the difference between the lightest and heaviest person.
  10. Get two coins from each person in your house. Calculate how much money do you have?
  11. Bake a pizza with your mum and share it equally with your sibling.
  12. Grab a packet of biscuits. Share one quarter with your sibling or friend.
  13. Find a five-sided shape in your house. Write the name of the shape.
  14. Make a tally chart of the favourite fruit of your family.
  15. Look for your favourite toy online. Compare the prices to find the best deal.
  16. Find a cube in your house and then write its properties.
  17. Estimate weight of watermelon in kg. Ask a grown-up to weigh it.
  18. Make two different patterns using blocks.
  19. Find a 3D shape in your house that doesn’t stack. Explain your answer.
  20. Hang a wet towel outside. How much time did it take to dry?
  21. Learn 10s times table and then write it down.
  22. Learn how many hours and minutes are there in one day.
  23. Read 3 books and then add the number of pages you have read.
  24. What is 27 less than 50? How do you know?
  25. Collect 40 objects around the house. Put them in the groups of 5 and then skip count in 5s.
  26. Learn to add numbers using a number line.
  27. Make a meal for your family and then work out the cost of a meal per person.
  28. Make the biggest number with digits 5, 0 and 9.
  29. Learn to tell the time to o’clock and half past.
  30. Make a bar chart showing the average daily temperature of your city.

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