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Free 15+ Story Settings Description Writing Frames

Summer holidays are a great time to emphasis on children creative writing and enhance their writing skills. Use our amazing story settings writing frames with your kids as a jumping-off point for story writing. Each page includes a picture along with vocabulary to use and space where children can describe the setting. Once children are done they can colour the picture. 

Give your story a dramatic turn with amazing story setting description. Our superb writing frames will definitely help children ace in their creative writing skills. The pictures will help their imagination flow and the vocabulary given will help them with spelling and introduce them with new words. Get children writing today.

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Story Setting Description Writing Frames:

Give confidence to your children to start a new story or piece of writing independently with these lovely story setting writing frames. Once they are done you can display their amazing work in your home or on the school display boards.

The story settings included are:

  1. Enchanted Castle
  2. Garden
  3. By the River
  4. Under the Sea
  5. Forest
  6. Beach
  7. On the Road
  8. Farm
  9. Castle
  10. Space
  11. Hut
  12. Mansion
  13. Bungalow
  14. Haunted house
  15. Treehouse

Supplies needed:

  1. Printer
  2. A4 paper
  3. Story setting writing frame
  4. Pencil
  5. Colouring pens


To download simply click on the image to download PDF format. Print the sheet and hand over to your child and they are all ready to unleash their creativity.

1. Story Setting: Haunted House

Use the ambitious vocabulary given to describe the haunted setting and then colour the picture.

story settings Haunted house


2. Story Setting: Seaside/beach

Are you having trouble writing about the beach? Use this simple yet lovely seaside writing prompt to enhance child writing skills.

story settings beach

3. Story Setting: Castle

Let your children describe the castle with this lovely writing frame. The vocabulary given will help them write easily.story settings castle

4. Story setting: By the River

This lovely writing frame will help children write independently using the image provided.

story settings River

5. Story setting: Space

Use this handy writing prompt to help write about this amazing space story setting. The vocabulary given will support your pupil to write independently.

story settings Space

6. Story Setting: Road

Children can use this superb road story writing frame to inspire their writing and refine their description skills using the picture given.

story settings road

7. Story Setting: Medieval Castle

Use this fun and free medieval castle writing frame to engage children and start writing.

story settings Medieval castle
8. Story Setting: Treehouse

Print this amazing treehouse story setting and help your students write about it quickly and efficiently.

story settings treehouse

9. Story Setting: Enchanted castle

Let children enter the magical world of fairies, dragons and elves with this awesome enchanted castle story setting.

story settings Enchanted castle

10. Story Setting: Garden/Park

story settings Garden

11. Story Setting: Bungalowwriting prompt Bungalow
12: Story setting: New housewriting prompts house home
13: Story setting: Hutstory setting hut
14. Story setting: Under the seawriting prompts under the sea
15. Story setting: Dark Forest

creative writing forest

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